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Basics to playing

If you're planning on playing RO it's a good idea to stay updated. That way whensomething new comes out, say a headgear or even a new class, you won't have any problems like sprite errors that tend to cause crashing.

First off it's best to point out that you'll need kRO (Korean Ragnarok Online) to play on most servers so instead of downloding iRO which will cause you problems later on in your RO experiance just go for kRO. 

The problem with kRO is you can't simply go get it. The people in charge of kRO doesn't like anyone but koreans downloading their program so they blocked all non-korean IP Addresses. The only way around this is to use a korean proxy, which tend to be hard to find if you're not lucky.  

 Unfortunatly I'm not able to offer any support on the subject right now. I'll probably update this page sometime in the next week with a guide, or link to one, on downloding kRO.