Turn It In

  • Accessing Turnitin

Click www.turnitin.com to go to the Turnitin site.

  • Creating a Turnitin Account

Students should have received an email in September from the TurnitinHelpdesk stating that "you have been enrolled in the Turnitin class 'General Submissions' by your instructor..."  The "General Submissions" class is run through the media center and is an account where you can send documents not associated with a particular subject class throughout the school year.

All EBHS students will automatically be enrolled into the EBHS Turnitin account, with proper user names (this is your ebnet.org email account).  DO NOT change your username from your @ebnet.org username; if there is a problem with your username please see Ms. Tu or Ms. Collins in the Media Center.  SAVE that email for future reference.

** For students with an existing and VALID email account from last year (your ebnet login@ebnet.org) you may use the same login password as you did last year.  When your classroom teachers are ready for you to begin using Turnitin plagiarism detection for your assignments, they will provide you with a class/section ID and an enrollment password for their particular class - you will simply login and select the "enroll in a class" button on the left and enter your teachers' information.

** Students who don't remember what they did last year, simply follow the directions in the TurnitinHelpdesk email you will be receiving soon.

** For students who used a personal email account last year, and not the ebnet login@ebnet.org, a new Turnitin account will be automatically created for you using the ebnet login@ebnet.org username.  Follow the DIRECTIONS below.

** Students who never created a Turnitin account, follow the DIRECTIONS below.

The TurnitinHelpdesk email will send you a temporary password, which you will change by following the instructions in the email.  It is IMPERATIVE that you write down your password and secret question and answer. Your Turnitin username will always be your ebnet.org email account, i.e., jsmith2@ebnet.org; your Turnitin password will be the new password you create after logging in with the temporary password for the first time.

  • Usernames and Passwords

Students must use their SCHOOL email addresses to log in to Turnitin.com.  Teachers should drop any duplicate student accounts, particularly those that were not created with an "@ebnet.org" username.  This will keep our pricing down while ensuring that only current EBHS students are using the Turnitin service. 

It is imperative for students to write down their passwords and secret questions/answers.  The majority of student problems are related to students forgetting or misspelling their usernames and/or passwords. 

  • Enrolling in a Class

When your classroom teachers are ready for you to begin using Turnitin plagiarism detection for your assignments, they will provide you with a class/section ID and an enrollment password for their particular class. - you will simply select the "enroll in a class" button on the left and enter your teachers' information. Voila!

Your teachers and/or the Media Center can assist you if you have any problems.  
  • How to Submit a Paper

  1. Login to Turnitin.  Under the "my classes" tab, you will see a list of the classes you have enrolled in.
  2. Click on the class for which you would like to submit your assignment.
  3. Click on the arrow icon   next to the assignment, under the "Submit" heading.
  4. Enter the information required (see below) and browse for the file you wish to upload.
  5. On the next page (Step 2 of 2), verify that the file you selected for upload is the correct paper.  Press "Submit" if you are sure. 
  6. The next page will tell you that your paper was successfully submitted, and assign your paper an ID number.  Click on the "go to portfolio"    icon.
  7. Your portfolio page will display submitted assignments.  Notice below the contents box has no percentage.  This indicates that your paper has not been analyzed yet. 
    Remember, first submissions take approximately 15 minutes to analyze.  Wait a few minutes, then come back to your screen and refresh the page to see if your paper has been analyzed.  Resubmissions take 24 hours to process. Make sure you don't wait to the last minute!
  • When should I submit my assignment?

Papers should be submitted 2 - 3 days prior to due date to allow for processing time of resubmissions.  First submissions take approximately 15 minutes processing time.  Resubmissions take approximately 24 hours to process. 

  • How to Interpret an Originality Report

When your paper has been processed, you will see a percentage next to your assignment.  You may have to click on "Show Details" to reveal your percentage.  See below.

That percentage indicates how much of your text matches other sources.  In this case 70% of the text matches another source. 
Clicking on the colored rectangle next to the similarity index % will open the window shown below.
Item 1. indicates the processing time and date
Item 2. indicates similarity by source, i.e., Internet, Publications, or Student Papers
Item 3. indicates the viewing mode - either (a) "Show highest matches together" - this will highlight all of the text in your paper that matches other sources, but only one matching source per flagged text.  Use this mode when printing;  (b) "Show matches one at a time" - this will only highlight one match at a time in your text but it will show all of the underlying sources; do not print in this mode;  (c) "Quickview classic report" - this displays the list of sources which combine to form the greatest overall match above the text of your paper.  The text of each source link is displayed in a different color which will match the color is your paper.  Do not print in this mode unless you have a color printer.
  • How to Resubmit a Paper

When you are ready to resubmit a paper, locate the paper you wish to replace in your portfolio page. Click on the green arrow icon   again, next to the assignment.  Follow the same steps you took when you first submitted your paper. 
Note: A notification window will display on your screen, stating that your original file will be replaced and you will be given a date and time when your resubmission will be processed.
Resubmissions take approximately 24 hours to process.  See screen print below.
  • Help! I forgot my password and/or username.

If you forgot your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the login page.
  • You will be asked for your email address - you must use your school email address, i.e., jsmith3@ebnet.org.
  • You will then be asked to enter your secret answer to your secret question (see, we told you to write down this information).
  • If you answer correctly, you will be able to create a new password.
  • If you forgot your answer, Turnitin will email you a temporary password which you must change within 24 hours, using the link emailed to you.
If you forgot your username, it is your school email account.  If that doesn't work, meaning that you changed your email, ask your teacher to look up your account.

  • How to Print an Originality Report

In order to print, you must click on the print icon (see below).  Do not choose file print or any other method or you will receive many blank pages with only a header and footer.

The file will begin to download; simply follow the screen prompts.  If you are instructed to turn off your pop-up blocker:
  • In Firefox, choose Tools/Options/Content and remove the check from the Block pop-up windows checkbox.
  • In Internet Explorer, choose Tools/Internet Options/Privacy and remove the check from the Turn-on pop-up blocker checkbox.
The file will download as a pdf.

  • Deleting an Account

To delete an account, the user must login and select the "user info" tab. Enter user name and type -old at the end. For example: jsmith4@ebnet.org-old. Turnitin administration will then delete this account from their database. This must be done by the user. *Remember that all turnitin accounts have a valid email address as part of the login name