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Workshops are a favorite perk of EBHQ. You will meet a world-class fabrics/design teacher in a small group setting (no more than 24 people). The workshop space at 980 Stannage is airy and bright. Exposure to new techniques will inspire you and you will go home energized from the creative and social workout.

Need to do some shopping for supplies for a class? Check with one of our retail affiliates to see if they have what you need. The yearly membership dues our affiliates pay help to support our guild and the good work we do. 

Workshops are from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The workshop space opens at 8:00am if you want to arrive early.

December, 2018:  No workshops....enjoy the holidays.

January, 2019:  Deborah Boschert

Saturday, January 26
 - Personal Symbols for Art Quilt Collages


What symbols and personal themes will you incorporate into your small art quilt collages? Houses, leaves, bowls, ladders? Deborah will guide you through exploring and creating shapes and symbols that have personal meaning. Create 5×7 fabric collages highlighting personal symbols using composition templates and inspiring fabrics. Embellish with machine and hand stitching. Learn simple finishing techniques and mount your art quilt collage on mats ready for framing.

Monday, January 28 
Techniques with Paint and Ink

Simple techniques and supplies, stupendous results!  Cut freezer paper stencils, create foam stamps, print with found objects and make marks with pen and ink!  We'll talk about shapes, pattern, repetition and color.  Students will leave with a beautiful stash of original fabrics ready to be used in art quilts, collage or mixed media.

Appropriate for all levels.


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February, 2019:  Sue Fox/Julia McLeod

Saturday, February 23Improvisational Piecing & Crazy Patchwork Recipes

We all have favorite recipes that we use over and over again, varying them depending on what’s in the cupboard… Our cupboards just happen to be full of silk, linen, wool and other unusual quilting materials. In this one-day class, we’ll share some of our favorite Piecing Recipes, inspired by traditional block styles that have morphed into modern variations, and that seem to work particularly well for our "Not Cotton" fabrics.

Just as substituting food ingredients can change the taste or texture of a dinner recipe, you’ll learn how silk, linen, wool and other fibers are handled differently from cotton in our quilting recipes. This class is a great opportunity to step outside of the world of cotton and make components for a scrappy Improv, Row-by-row or Medallion-style quilt— And we’ll send you home with several menu plan options for finishing up!


 Monday, February 25Basics for Working with Silks in Quilts

 Do you like the look of silk in quilts but feel nervous about using it? We know that EBHQ-ers have all kinds of silks in   their stashes— from neckties to imported yardage to Mulberry sample packs to hand painted scarves & garments of all  sorts… vintage, new or recycled— bring it on!

 We’ll share all our secrets for successfully working silks into our own quilts. We tackle the troublesome stuff— slippery,   stretchy, fraying, flimsy— you name it. Bring your dreamiest & your scariest fabric, we’ll have strategies for it. The day   will be full of tips, tricks and techniques along with practical examples and exercises. You’ll take home solutions and the beginnings of a silk project you can finish. (Class kit fee: $20.)

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March, 2019:  Mel Beach

Saturday, March 23- Making Quilts Using Unconventional Materials

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Expand your palette as you discover how fun and easy it is to incorporate unconventional materials into your Art quilts. Raid your home for unexpected stashes of fibers and material that can be stitched into and onto your quilts by machine or hand using piecing, applique, cutwork, couching, and embellishment. Get ready to innovate, captivate, and create using unconventional materials!! 

Monday, March 25- Free-Motion Fillers & Fun Workshop

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Do you love the look of negative space but don’t know how to quilt it? In this workshop, Mel will share her favorite mark-free, quilting motifs. Whether your style is modern, traditional, art, or other, you’ll explore how simple changes to each of the designs will yield all new filler designs! This is a low-stress and super fun workshop that is perfect for quilters who are new to free-motion quilting, as well as those looking to add new designs to their quilting repertoire. You’ll leave new design ideas, tips and tricks for free-motion quilting success, and the confidence to add beautiful, quilted texture to your quilt tops!

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here