How you can help!

There are lots of ways that you can support the work we're doing in Eberopolis. As you can probably imagine, the type of learning that we engage in with hands-on, inquiry-directed learning can be resource intensive. We're constantly looking for books to add to our classroom library, supplies to further our learning projects, and volunteers to help with tasks during and after school. Here are some of the ways you can assist us.

Amazon Classroom Wishlist - I'm constantly browsing book reviews in search of high quality children's literature, and I've added several titles to a wish list at Please consider donating a title from this list.

Donors Choose - This amazing site enables potential donors to help fund specific projects or needs in public school classrooms. All donations through this website are tax deductible. By clicking on the link, you'll connect directly to the projects that I've proposed. Stay tuned - Projects will be posted throughout the year!

Volunteer Spot - All of the classroom events and activities that require volunteers are coordinated at this website. Log on to the website to look see what upcoming events need your support. Some events request you to send in materials or supplies; others request that you donate your time. Look for one that works for your situation and sign up. You'll automatically be sent a reminder email two days before the event. (Note: I'll be adding events during the first few weeks of school. Stay tuned!)