Eben Goodale

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China


 ·    University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2005), Ph.D. Thesis title: “Interspecific communication in mixed-species bird flocks of a Sri Lankan rainforest.”  Major advisors: Bruce E. Byers and Donald E. Kroodsma. 4.0 GPA.
 ·    Harvard College (1997), B.A., magna cum laude in Biology.
Research Positions:
·   Associate Professor, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (8/12-present). Associated with the Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Animal Interactions Group. 
·   Visiting Scholar, University of California, San Diego (1/10-7/12); Research Associate, University of San Diego (2/10-7/12). Studied interspecific information transfer among pollinating insects in James Nieh’s lab.
·   Research Associate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1/09-12/09). Affiliated with Jeffrey Podos' lab; studied cultural evolution in the songs of Darwin's finches.
·   Postdoctoral Fellow, National Science Foundation (NSF) International Research Fellowship Program (1/07-4/07; 8/07-8/08; 1/09-4/09; 9/09-12/09). Studied developmental, cognitive and functional aspects of vocal mimicry in mixed-species flocks of Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea.
·    Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Media Lab (8/06–11/06; 5/05-7/07). Worked with Dale Joachim on an NSF-sponsored program using cell phone technology to remotely conduct playback experiments.
·    Consultant, Yale School Forests (9/05–7/07). Designed and conducted the first bird survey of the Yale-Myers managed forest.
·    Research Associate, Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL; 5/05–present). Responsible for planning research agenda, finding funding, and supervising students.

 Teaching Positions:

·   Lecturer, University of San Diego (1/10-5/12). Taught a survey course on the biology of organisms (BIOL 221, lecture and lab), a course in the principles of environmental science (BIOL 102), and a lab in cellular biology (BIOL 225).  Also mentored students on their independent research project (BIOL 495). 
·   Lecturer, University of San Diego, California (10/10-12/10; 10/11-12/11). Taught two semesters of UCSD’s introductory course in ecology, behavior and evolution (BILD 3). 
·   Lecturer, University of New Haven (8/08-12/08).  Taught an undergraduate course (BIO 320) and a graduate course (ENV 601) in the principles of ecology, with laboratory 
·   Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (8/08-12/08).  Presented 13 lectures on evolution for the large introductory lecture class for non-majors, “Social Issues in Biology” (BIO 105).    
·   Visiting Lecturer, University of Colombo (1/07-3/07; 3/08-5/08). Taught 10 hours of lectures on experimental design and statistical analysis and an additional five hours of lectures on behavioral ecology.      
·   Instructor, Yale School for Forestry and Environmental Sciences (8/07). Designed and conducted lab demonstration on freshwater ecology and biodiversity for their Masters orientation program.   
·   Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1/05–5/05; 9/02–5/03)                                                                                                       

  Scholarships and Fellowships:

·    National Science Foundation, International Research Postdoctoral Fellowship (awarded 8/06, for two years).
·    American Institute of Indian Studies, Senior Fellowship (awarded 10/05, for four months), to study the effect of land-use on mixed-species flocks of India.
·    National Science Foundation, Graduate Fellowship (awarded 4/00, for three years).
·    Fulbright Junior Scholarship (awarded 9/97, for one year). 


·   San Diego Foundation Blasker Science and Technology Grant ($35,916 awarded 5/11)
·    Conservation, Food & Health Organization ($12,935 originally awarded to FOGSL 6/06, for twelve months; $12,022 funded for a second year 11/07), to study the effect of land-use on flocks of Sri Lanka.   
·    National Science Foundation, International Research Postdoctoral Fellowship ($48,100 in research funds, awarded 8/6/06).
·    National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant ($9,684 awarded 7/03). 
·    American Ornithologists Union, Student Research Grant ($2,500 awarded 6/03.
·    Sigma-Xi Grant-in-Aid-of-Research ($1,000 awarded 6/03 and $500 12/01).  
·    Woods Hole Scholarship for Field Research ($3,200 awarded 3/02). 
·    American Ornithologists Union, Maria Brady Tucker Travel Award ($1,200 awarded 6/02).

 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications:

23)  Goodale, E. and Nieh, J. C. In press. Public use of olfactory information associated with predation in two species of social bees. Animal Behaviour
22) Goodale, E., Goodale, U. and Mana, R. 2012. The role of toxic pitohuis in mixed-species flocks of lowland forest in Papua New Guinea. Emu – Austral Ornithology 112: 9-16.
21) Beauchamp, G. and Goodale, E. 2011. Plumage mimicry in avian mixed-species flocks: more or less than meet the eye? Auk 128: 487-496.
20) Sidhu, S., Raman, T. R. S. & Goodale, E. 2010. Effects of plantations and home-gardens on tropical forest bird communities and mixed-species bird flocks in the southern Western Ghats. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 107: 91-108
19) Goodale, E. & Ruxton, G. D.  2010. Antipredator benefits from heterospecifics. In: Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior (Breed, M and Moore, J., editors). Academic Press, Oxford.       
Goodale, E. and Podos, J. 2010. Persistence of song types in Darwin’s finches, Geospiza fortis, over four decades. Biology Letters 6: 589-592.  
17) Goodale, E., Beauchamp, G., Magrath, R. D., Nieh, J. C. & Ruxton, G. D. 2010. Interspecific information transfer influences animal community structure. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25: 354-361.

Selected Popular Publications:

· Robinson, J. W., Nieh, J. C. and Goodale, E. In press. Testing honey bee avoidance of predators: teaching the scientific process through an engaging field experiment. American Biology Teacher.
· Goodale, E. and Sridhar, H. 2010. Mixed-species bird flocks: a bibliography. Internet database at  
·   Goodale, E., Caldera, P. and Jayarathna, A. 2004. The sounds of Sinharaja. Audio CD. Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
·   Goodale, E. 2002. A journey by bus.  Pp. 207–210 in: Excursions and explorations, cultural encounters between Sri Lanka and the United States (Jayatilaka, T., ed.). The United States – Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

 Presentations at Scientific Meetings:

From 2006-2012, 17 invited talks at the following venues: Barnard College 
· Central Connecticut State Univ.· Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (moderator; international conference held in Sri Lanka) · Indian Institute of Science · Natl. Centre for Biological Sciences (India) · Natl. Univ. of Singapore · Natl. Forestry Symposium (Sri Lanka) · Nature Conservation Foundation (India) · San Diego State University · School of Natural Resources and Environment, Univ. of Michigan · Texas Tech University · University of California, San Diego · University of New England · University of San Diego · Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden · Yale Forest Lecture Series (2 talks).
 From 1998-2012, 10 presentations and 4 posters at the following meetings: American Ornithological Union (3 talks, moderator once, 1 poster) · Animal Behavior Society (1 talk, 2 posters) · Center for Tropical Forest Science · International Society for Behavioral Ecology (1 talk, moderator once,1 poster) · Rockefeller Univ. Bird Song Workshop (2 talks) · Society for Conservation Biology · Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Membership in Scientific Organizations:
             ·    Ecological Society of America (since 2010)
             ·    Society of Conservation Biology (since 2008) 
             ·    Oriental Bird Club (since 2004)
             ·    Sigma-Xi (since 2003) 
             ·    American Ornithologists Union (since 2000)
             ·    Animal Behavior Society (since 2000)
             ·    FOGSL (life member, since 1996)

Reviews for and Service to Journals:

   ·    Associate Editor, Forktail (5/07 – present).
   ·    Journals reviewed for (# of reviews):
          ·    Acta Ethologica (1)
          ·    Animal Behaviour (8)
          ·    Auk (1)  
          ·    Behaviour (1) 
          ·    Behavioral Ecology (5)
          ·    Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (4)
          ·    Bioacoustics (1)
          ·    Biology Letters (2)
          ·    Condor (2)
          ·    Ecology (2)
          ·    Emu - Austral Ornithology (1)
          ·    Ethlogy (2)
          ·    Florida Field Naturalist (1)
          ·    Forktail (4)
          ·    J. of Animal Ecology (2)
          ·    J. of Avian Biology (1)
          ·    J. of Comparative Psychology (1)
          ·    J. of Field Ornithology (4)
          ·    J. of Ornithology (1)
          ·    J. of Sustainable Forestry (1)
          ·    J. of Tropical Ecology (2)
          ·    Mammalia (1)
          ·    Naturwissenschaften (1) 
          ·    Ornis Fennica (1)
          ·    Proceedings of the Royal Society (2)
          ·    Wilson J. of Ornithology (1)
    ·    Grants reviewed for (# of reviews):
         ·    National Science Foundation International Research Postdoctoral         Program (1).
Voluntary Educational Activities:
·   Project leader (8/11-12/11), high school outreach program, entitled “Pollinators and predators” funded by the San Diego Foundation. Introduced students to the scientific process through field trips, lectures, dissections and small experiments with bees.
·   Workshop organizer, with Uromi M. Goodale, and lecturer for: two-session program introducing R (Divine Word University, 9/09), two-day program on the research process (the National Research Institute, Papua New Guinea, 9/09, and the Binatang Research Center, 12/09), two-day program on statistics (University of Colombo, 3/09), one-day program on career development (Port Moresby, PNG, 12/07), one-day program on proposal writing (University of Colombo, 9/07), and a four-day program on scientific analysis and writing (FOGSL, 1/07).
·    Project leader and lecturer (12/06 – 1/09), for secondary school education program by FOGSL and funded by the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation, that visited 23 schools in Sri Lanka and took them on visits to nearby rainforests.
·    Participant (1/08-3/08) in the project “Empowering Students in Ecology, Music, and Computer Science through Active Participation in an Elementary Bird Song Curriculum”, funded by the Lindbergh Foundation; prepared podcasts for elementary grade school children to get them interested in birds and animal behavior.
·    New Haven Science Fair Mentor, for two high-school students (10/05–5/06).  The students won the first prize from the New Haven Bird Club and were Finalists and Medalists at the Connecticut Science Fair.
·    Guest lectures given: FOGSL general meeting (3/07, 10/04), Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission (9/04), Biology 521 / Community Ecology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (5/03); Undergraduate Ornithology, University of Colombo (3/07, 2/07, 8/02); Masters Program in Wildlife Ecology, University of Peradeniya (7/01 and 9/98). 
·    Fieldtrip organizer and demonstrator of research activities on mixed-species bird flocks in the Sinharaja World Heritage Reserve: FOGSL (9/04, 8/03, and 7/03), Masters Program in Wildlife Ecology, University of Colombo (7/04 and 7/02), Undergraduate Ornithology, University of Colombo (8/03).
·     Scientific Advisor, to Walk-with-Jith (, Sri Lankan ecotourist company (8/04–present).

Advisor on Student Theses:

·    External Advisor to S. Harsha K. Satischandra, University of Sabaragamuwa, Masters in Science program. Thesis title: “Evaluating false alarm calls in the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus).” Graduated 2009.
·    Informal External Advisor to Chaminda P. Ratnayake, University of Colombo, Ph.D. program.  Thesis title: “Ecology and behaviour of the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie (Urocissa ornata).” Graduation expected 2010.
·    Informal External Advisor to Punit Lalbhai, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. Thesis title: “The effect of shelterwood cuts and crown thinnings on the abundance and distribution of birds in a southern New England forest.” Graduated 2007. 
·    External Advisor to S. Harsha K. Satischandra, University of Sabaragamuwa,
Undergraduate thesis. Thesis title: “The foraging ecology of the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus).” Graduated 2006.
Technical Skills:
·    Bird identification / banding. Three years of experience using mist nets in Sri Lanka with over 150 birds captured. Twenty years experience with bird identification in the field. 
·    Sound recording. Training by the Library of Natural Sounds, Cornell University (6/96). Eleven years of using shotgun and parabolic microphones, and mono and stereo tape recorders, both analog and digital.
·    Sound analysis. Extensive experience using Signal, Avisoft and Raven. 
·    Radio-telemetry. Tracked five Greater Racket-tailed Drongos (Dicrurus paradiseus) over a period of four months in the Sinharaja World Heritage Reserve, Sri Lanka.
·    Experience in a bee communication lab. Four semesters experience of running olfactory choice experiments with honeybees (Apis mellifera) and bumblebees (Bombus impatiens), in James Nieh’s lab at UCSD.
·    Statistics. Two semesters of 500 level classes in the Department of Statistics,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Extensive experience using R, SAS, SYSTAT, and Minitab.
·    Experience with other computer programs.  Moderate experience with ArcView GIS software and C++ programming.
·    Languages other than English. Conversational in Sinhala and Tok Pisin. Reading in French and Latin.