Alternate Energy

Alternate Energy Markets - What Are the Employment Opportunities?

Ebele Kemery: Looking at the bright future of alternate energy markets, chances are that people would jump at the idea of joining this sector. But, the truth of the mater is that the job market though bright, may not always be financially lucrative at this stage. Therefore if you are looking forward to making lots of money, this field may not be the right one for you, at least for the moment.

This might be a spirit dampener, especially when you consider the immense amount of brain power that would be needed in the research and developmental areas of this sector. Of course, there are also those kinds of job seekers who would love to work on projects which ultimately benefit the environment and mankind in general, as they find such jobs mentally satisfying. But the majority of people would love to be employed in jobs which are not only psychologically satisfying but also pay well. 

What about the different types of jobs that alternate energy markets are offering now? There is a wide variety of jobs to choose from. For example there are operators and mechanics responsible for keeping the energy plant operating smoothly. Then there are scientists and researchers who are spending enormous amount of time and energy in developing newer technologies and applications. Of course there are also others who are making things happen in this industry by investing their monies into it. All these people may not always boast of an exciting and rewarding career, but they are a proud lot of people who are working towards a greener future for our world. And that is tremendously satisfying. 

The growth of this industry is rapid primarily because it has the direct blessings of governments. This is also an attractive sector for investors who see future goldmines in this arena. Obviously, the more investors get interested to invest in this market, the more money it would have to grow and prosper, opening up further job opportunities in the future.

Ebele Kemery is a member of the Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities (GFICC) Group. Ebele is also a Portfolio manager - Head of Energy Investing at JPMorgan Asset Management. She has proven track record of robust and consistent profitable returns in commodities. And increased assets under management through strong performance and development of customized solutions that leverage a wide variety of market techniques