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Welcome to my Darkroom. - It is said that you learn the most when you teach others. It is my intent to develop this site to include samples of my photographs as well as some tutorials and assignments to help others improve their photographic skills.  This site, like any hobby, is a work in progress. Please be patient, and check back regularly for updates. 


If you want to jump right in and see my pictures, you can do so at Photobucket. (Shameless plug) Photobucket is a free service that will allow you to host pictures on the Internet. You can either link to the pictures to imbed them in a web page or create a link that will allow others to visit your photo albums.



Bio:   Born in Toronto Canada in 1963, I have been into photography since the mid 70's. I have traveled throughout North America and Europe starting in 1976 with a visit the Philadelphia for the American Bi-Centennial followed by a three week cross country road trip from Toronto to Vancouver in 1978, and a two week vacation to England in 1979. 

In Feburary of 1986, I joined the Canadian Military as a Medical Assistant (Med-A). Over the next 13 years, I served on both coasts of Canada and many bases between. I also served overseas at Canadian Forces Hospital Europe in Lahr, Germany and in Bosnia. 

September of 1998 found me touring Europe by train, visiting ten countries in three weeks, an amazing experience I'd recommend for any photographer.  Summer of 2005 found me in the Swedish country side photographing fungi and cats.

I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) with my pet, Knuckles the mafia cat.  I am planning to move to Sweden in August of this year.



Equipment: My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye box camera using Kodak 620 film. While I'm not sure what has happened to all the pictures from the early years,  I still have the original camera. 

My first 35mm SLR was a Pentax MX, a very sturdy camera that survived the brutal handling of my high school years during which I climbed around the rafters doing stage lighting and ran around fields in all weather flying model rockets. I also have added to my collection a Pentax Program Plus and two Pentax AE bodies along with numerous other cameras.


I am currently using a Pentax *ist DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) which I use in conjunction with a Manfrotto tripod. The lenses I have in my gadget bag include a Pentax 18-35mm AF-JPentax 28-80 mm AFJ,  a Pentax 75-300mm FA-J, a Vivitar 500mm f/8 macro, and an Exakta 650mm-1300mm f/8 Zoom lens. 


   I also use a variety of computer equipment for sorting, editing, and colour balancing the images , which include a Dell OptiPlex GX100 running Windows 98, a custom built AMD 3200+ with 1GB of RAM that is configured to dual boot between Windows XP Pro and Mandriva Linux, a Mini Mac running OS 10.4 (Tiger), and a Compaq laptop.


    Software packages include ACDSee, RAWshooter, Exifier, and GIMP

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