Goals and results
The end result of EBBEY will be practical learning and support materials on Bio Based Economy topics such as sustainability and renewable energy, to be used directly in and outside the class room. A multilingual online resource platform will be developed as well as a teacher-trains-teacher program.

EBBEY is a so-called Transfer of Innovation project within the Leonardo Da Vinci programme. This means the projects builds on existing materials and transfers that to other users and countries. For EBBEY the most notable sources we have so far are the materials Helicon has set up for their Green Engineering study program, and secondly the work done by various branches of EUROPA-international in a former LdV Partnership project called CHAVET where especially policy documents were developed to get school management attention for BBE. These two sources combined, and in addition the materials other partner possess will be the basis for EBBEY’s development of a Community of Practice.

Concrete aims and objectives of EBBEY:

1) to supply vocational college teachers with the learning materials, the guidelines and online platform to include Bio Based Economy topics in and outside the classroom;

2) to give teachers a better insight of competences that are required for the current and future employees;

3) to enable teachers to interest and educate their direct colleagues;

4) to align the management of VET schools & teachers to effectively implement, connecting policy & practice.