Studio Project ARCHIVE


By the end of this project, you will be able to understand the workings of a studio production team by actively participating in a simulated production of an episode of a television studio series.


In your group, you will develop a television studio series and produce one episode. The series must be based in a news desk studio set, but the theme may be chosen by the group (sports, news, entertainment, technology, gaming, etc.). Each member of the team will take on a role during the production.
  • Executive Producer – In charge of the series as a whole. Will oversee finances/hiring, identity of the brand, scheduling, and all other matters. Will report to Mr. Ebbeson.
  • Segment Producer (2) – Responsible for the planning and production of at least two (2) video segments that will air on the show. Responsible for linking them to the show/episode theme and ensuring that members of the team contribute, meet deadlines, and meet standards/expectations. (Groups of 5 will have 2 segment producers)
  • Writer/Director – Works with producers to plan the episode. Responsible for all live aspects of the program. Must research and write a script and plan and organize all camera movements in a rundown.
  • Graphics Designer/Set Designer – Responsible for creating the set and graphics for the show (lower-thirds, titles, etc.). Must produce the opening sequence to the program. Responsible for managing the floor during production.

Each series must have the following:

  • Creative title and opening sequence.
  • Minimum of two (2) video segments (1:00 minimum length).
  • On-camera opening, scripted news reading (1:00 minimum length), and on-camera closing at the news desk with two (2) anchors.
  • Feature reporter on secondary set with scripted feature (:30 minimum) with introduction to video segment.
  • Intro and outro via creative shot on Camera 4
  • Lower-third graphics for all on-air talent (live and in video segments).
  • Live credit roll

Each group hire a crew.  You must hire the following positions:

  • Camera Operator (4)
  • Lighting Director (1)
  • Technical Director (1)
  • Graphics Operator (1)
  • Audio Technician (1)
  • Teleprompter Operator (1)
  • Floor Manager (1)
  • On-Air Talent (3)
The director will serve in that roll, but the other crew positions need to be hired out. When hiring crew members, offer contracts wisely, because classmates can only work a specific crew job once (i.e. student can only be audio technician on one production). The overall quality of your program will reflect the crew that you hire.

Pre-Production Elements

Rehearsal and Production

Each group will be given one class period to rehearse and one class period to record. These days will be back-to-back, so groups will draw to determine the order of production.

Project Grading

Peyton Ebbeson,
May 2, 2018, 6:31 AM
Peyton Ebbeson,
May 2, 2018, 6:31 AM