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XA-10 Audio Settings

Use the following settings when recording audio on the XA-10 to ensure the highest possible quality.

You will need:
  • a microphone (each XA-10 has a lavaliere in the front pouch)
  • an XLR to XLR cable (these are hanging in the Control Room)
  • a pair of headphones

1 - Connecting Microphone

When using an external microphone (handheld, lavaliere or shotgun/boom), make sure the on-camera shotgun is plugged into the Channel 2 XLR terminal.  Plug the microphone into an XLR-XLR cable and plug the other end of the cable into the Channel 1 XLR terminal (the right side).

2 - Choosing Mic Input

On the other side of the XLR terminals, you will find audio control settings.

For most microphones (that do not require phantom power), switch the CH1 input switch to MIC.

If you do not hear any sound in your headphones, move the switch to MIC +48V.

3 - Choosing External Microphone

Switch the audio input switch to EXT.

4 - Adjusting Levels

Make sure that the CH2 audio dial is at 0.  Adjust the CH1 dial as needed to ensure proper audio levels.


You can record with two microphones in rare situations.  To do so, you need to change the settings so that the audio channels record separately.

  1. On the LCD Screen, press 
  2. Touch 
  3. Drag your finger up and down to display the menu options (1) in the first camera tab and then touch XLR Rec Channel (2)

     4. Touch CH1/CH2 and select CH1 instead.

- CH1: Records audio to each channel separately. Audio input into CH1 is recorded to channel 1, while audio input into CH2 is recorded to channel 2.
- CH1/CH2: Audio input into CH1 is recorded to channels. Audio input into CH2 will not be recorded.