Policies and Procedures


Welcome to first grade, this is such an exciting time for all of us. In order to make the year run smoothly, we are enclosing some general information about our school, classroom and first grade. We feel that positive communication between parents and teachers is essential to a successful year. Together, we will make your child’s first grade year a great experience.

School/Class Website: 
You will find many things about what is going on in our school/class by visiting our website. This can be found by going to www.rivertonschools.org. After getting to Riverton’s homepage you click on the ES tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the elementary school’s homepage. Then, on the left side, look under first grade and click on your child’s teacher name. This will take you to our classroom website! I will post pictures, special events, homework assignments, a wish list, and many other things on the site. All children need a parent consent form returned giving or denying permission to use their child’s picture on our site. We will NEVER put your child’s name on the site with their picture.

If for any reason your child has to miss school, you must call the school and let them know. If your child is gone for an extended time, I will be happy to gather his/her work. Any work missed at school due to an absence may be made up and returned to school. Please also make sure your child arrives on time. We start our day promptly when the first bell rings at 8:12a.m., and it is crucial that your child be to school on time.

Your child many bring a special treat for the class on his/her birthday. We will celebrate birthdays in the late afternoon. If you wish to send in treats for the class, please notify the teacher a day or two in advance by sending in a note, phone call, or an email. Class size has a tendency to change so please contact the teacher so you will have an accurate number of students. Treats sent to school must be purchased at a store. Homemade treats are not accepted by the school. Please be sure to provide the paper goods necessary for the treats (cups, plates, etc.). Do not send gum as a treat. Please do not send treats heavy in sugar/icing such as cupcakes, cake, or iced cookies. We are trying to promote healthy choices! If you plan to have a party, please do not send invitations to school, unless you plan to invite the entire class. This helps eliminate hurt feelings.

Volunteer Opportunities: 
We will be needing help for many things throughout the year. One of the biggest jobs is organizing our holiday parties. Another opportunity will be to attend one of our class field trips as a volunteer. Look for more information about volunteering to be sent home in the future.

PEP/Parent Educator Partnership is an organization consisting of both teachers and parents. If you would like to help with planning and implementing school events, please contact Terri Grieve. PEP meets 1 time a month in the RES Library and daycare is provided.

Emergency Contacts: 
It is vital that you let the school know of changes in your home address and home/cellular/work phone numbers. Please keep me informed if any of your information changes.

Arrival & Dismissal:
Please do not drop off students at school until 7:50 a.m. due to supervision. Students should enter the school through the doors located nearest to the school office. Students may go into the cafeteria to eat breakfast or wait in the gym until the school bell rings.

During the first few weeks of school it is helpful for you to review each day what your plans are for your child after school. (Walk, pick-up, bus, etc.)

Changes in Transportation: 
We want to make certain that our students are safe and arrive at their afterschool destination. We encourage you to keep the same plans each day. Children rely on routines and become easily panicked if their plans are altered in any way. If at any time a student is to go home with someone other than the “usual transportation” (i.e., parent, relative, car pool), or they are to ride a different bus, the following procedures must be followed

In order to make any change in plans for your student,

1. You must send a note to school with the parent’s signature, student’s name, the address where they should ride the bus, or the person’s name that will be picking them up. The date of the change must be on the note.

2. You may come in to the school and show I.D. and make the change with office personnel.

These are the only acceptable ways to change after school plans. We will not accept transportation changes over the phone. We cannot verify the identity of the caller and this poses a threat to our students. Your child’s safety is a top priority.

Picking Up Students: 
We want to make certain that students leave school ONLY with adults that are supposed to pick them up. Any approved adult must show picture identification.

Each night your child will have homework. Most nights, homework should take about 10 minutes, with an additional 10-15 minutes set aside for reading. Homework is usually a review of what we have done in class that day. Please do your best to help your child get their homework done each night. Homework will be due the day after it is assigned.

BEE Folders: 
Each night your child will bring home something known as a BEE folder. This will be the place to look for notes, homework, and other important information that is sent home.

Please take time to sit down with your child and look over his/her work. The BEE folder will also contain a newsletter telling you about our week and upcoming events in our school and class. The newsletter will usually come home in the BEE folder on Friday.

Contacting Me: 
If you have ANY questions, concerns, or comments about your child, please feel free to contact your child's teacher. We are more than happy to discuss these with you! The best way to reach me is through e-mail or by leaving a message on our voicemail. I do try to check this several times throughout the day unless I am absent or technology problems occur.

Riverton serves breakfast every morning. Students who choose to eat breakfast will go straight to the cafeteria when they arrive at the school. Breakfast cost is .90 a day.

Students are given the option of having a hot lunch or home lunch everyday. All students will have a copy of the monthly lunch schedule in their BEE binder. Lunch cost is $1.50 a day. Students may not bring or drink soda pop for their lunch.

Lunchtime Guests:
Parents are welcome to come and eat lunch with their students. If anyone other than parent(s)/legal guardian(s) would like to eat lunch with the student, they must have prior approval (i.e grandparents, aunts, uncles, step-parents, etc.). This can be done by a written note dated and signed by the parent/legal guardian or a parent may come into the office to give verbal authorization.

Book Orders: 
We will send home a Scholastic book order once a month, starting in August. The orders usually take about 2 weeks to arrive, once the order has been placed. Book orders create bonus points that we can use to purchase books for our classroom. You may pay with cash or check made out to Scholastic Books.

In First Grade we have the following “Specials” each week: P.E., Music, Library, Integrated Arts, Multi-Media.

*** Your child will need to be wearing tennis shoes on P.E. days or keep an extra pair of tennis shoes at school to change into on those days.

We will do most of our communication with you through a weekly newsletter. It will be in the BEE binder each Friday. Please be sure to read this newsletter for important information. It will tell of upcoming events and give you an idea of what we have been doing in class.

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention System): 
Riverton participates in the PBIS program. This positive based behavioral program allows your child the opportunity to follow three expectations throughout the school setting: be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. Your child will have a behavior calendar in their BEE binder that is filled out daily. Be sure to sign this at the end of the month.

Thank you,
The First Grade Teachers 
 Miss Little, Mrs. Balagna, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Distlehorst, Mrs. Jerszynski