School Sources of Funding

The Center receives no city, state, or federal funding. This is due not because the money isn't available, but because of limitations. One limitation states that the center can only serve a certain number of students and, if the center serves more than that number, they have to send the students to other East Boston schools. As the Executive Director, Dominic Avellani stated, "Since when does Jordan Marsh send it's customers to Filene's?" The second reason why the school does not seek city funds is because only people from East Boston could attend. The Center currently has students from Greater Boston and every Boston neighborhood. Part of the Center's mission is to help everyone, reguardless of race, religion, creed, origin, or where they may domicile and the use of city, state, or federal funding would impair that mission (at least 70% come from East Boston).

Instead, the school depends on Foundations, Corporations, contributions from individuals, and a low cost to the students for its funding. Some notable foundations are the Polaroid Foundation, Bank of Boston, the Lotus Foundation, The Lenny Fund, IBM, the Bank of America Foundation, etc. Most students pay what they can afford while many others attend free. The center prefers quantity of students over amount of money. The Center has the biggest GED Spanish Preparation program in Massachusetts with over 50 individuals attending every month.