You don't need to email the site's administrator or jump through any hoops; authors are invited to submit the book to the eBacklist Collection database directly. In order to be eligible, your book must meet the following criteria:
  • It is available at Smashwords and/or at another vendor who sells without DRM or geographical restrictions
  • It was once professionally edited and published by a publisher
To submit your book, do the following:
  • Open a browser window, navigate to your book's Smashwords page (or to its page on an alternate DRM-free vendor site it your book is not available at Smashwords) and copy the URL. Please do not use the book's Amazon page. The book can be sold at Amazon as well, but we're looking for the Smashwords or Smashwords Alternate here!
  • Open a second browser window. Navigate to Delicious. Log in as 'ebacklist' and use the password 'coker2011.' Note: Delicious will only let one person edit the site at a time, so if you get an error message, don't fret. Try again later, and email me if you really can't get it working.
  • In the righthand siedar, click the 'save a new bookmark' link. You will see a screen with some text fields. Fill in the title and author of your book, and then paste in the URL you copied.
  • Paste in the SHORT Smashwords blurb, as a single paragraph (no double line break and then new paragraph summaries, please. One paragraph will suffice).
  • IMPORTANT! Add a sentence at the end telling the reader where and when the book was published previously. Your book was professionally edited and published by a real publisher. This is a selling point. Do not hide this information!
  • Add a FEW tags to describe your book. Add them as single words with only spaces between---no commas! Just words and spaces. And please be judicious in your use of tags. There is no need for a tag such as 'novel' or 'ebook.' The goal is not to index every word from your book here. The goal is to alert a reader who likes this type of book that this is a story for them. Use tags such as mystery, romance, suspense, historical, Victorian etc.
  • Please note that this index is moderated. Excessive tags or over-long book summaries will be edited. Please don't make more work for the editor than you have to---the editor would rather spend time reading your books and writing reviews to help you promote them :)
Thank you so much for being an author, for writing great books, and for offering them, free from DRM or geographical restriction, to eager readers who love great stories. Thank you for submitting your book to the eBacklist Collection!