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Welcome to the eBacklist Collection! This website is your portal to a growing ebook genre: the backlist republication, a book which has been professionally vetted and edited by a major publisher, but was re-published by the author when the rights reverted back to them. Want to purchase quality books, free from DRM or geographical restrictions, but you aren't sure how to wade through the slushpile of the internet to find them? Start here! All of these books were, at one time way back when, put through the rigours by a real publisher. Now that the author has the reigns again, they are selling these books straight to you! Ready to read? Click here to go straight to the collection, then use the tag list in the rightmost sidebar to browse for the kinds of books you enjoy.

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Looking for more great indie books? The Indie eBook Hall of Fame is your clearinghouse for self-published indie books which have met the bar of attaining a positive review from at least three independent bloggers. Happy reading!