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Adopted or Fostering an African Baby?

If you have adopted or are fostering an African or south Asian baby or toddler, be aware that their nutritional needs are usually different from most babies of mostly European descent.  They need more Vitamin D, and can't get away with as much refined sucrose or fructose.  So most baby formulas are bad for them.  Soy formula is an absolute no-no for any baby.
If they are still infants and not at the weaning phase, consult this page for home made infant formula recipes.  These cover the bases, except that you should not give them any raw liver.  It should be very well cooked, even if it has been frozen for the required 2 weeks.
If they can eat somewhat solid food, you should give them cooked egg yolks first.  This will supply them with the extra fats that they are craving.  Then move up to that plus strained vegetables.  Don't give them grains until they express an interest in them, and when you do, their first should be sour porridge.
Sour porridge for an African or mostly African child should be made from millet or rice meal.  Don't give them other grains again, until they express an interest in them.
Soak the grains overnight in clear water, and then drain off the excess water, and cook them.  Add water or milk along the way to bring it to the desired thinness.  If you can't find rice or millet meal, then whiz them with a hand blender or in a blender to puree them.
The sour porridge can be mixed with strained vegetables, egg yolks, cooked fish, or liver.  Just make sure to puree everything well.
This will give them a good start that is very nutritious and natural for them.