Hannah van Alebeek


Ph.D. Student; Department of Psychology; Division of Health Psychology

Ph.D Student in the FWF-funded project “Mapping of neural mechanisms of appetitive behavior: From attention to reward to behavior”


  • MSc, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Groningen

    • Research Internship, Neuroimaging Labs, Medical University of Vienna

  • BSc, Psychology, University of Groningen

During a general Bachelor in Psychology, my interest in the neural implementation of adaptive and maladaptive behavioral tendencies developed. Hence, I chose for a Neuroscience Master where I gathered first experiences with different neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, MRS and protein analysis). For example, I looked at the neural adaptations, which accompany behavioral changes after severe stressors and investigated the relationship between brain metabolites (GABA, glutamate) and sexual desire. During my Ph.D in the Eating lab, I am looking forward to gain insight in neural and cognitive processes guiding automatic approach tendencies towards appetitive food stimuli.