Grilled Corn Salsa

From: Jenn@eatcakefordinner

6 ears corn 

1 red bell pepper

1/2 c. finely chopped red onion

6 large tomatoes, seeds removed and diced

1/3 c. chopped cilantro, or to taste

8-10 slices jarred jalapeños, finely chopped, opt.

1 (.7 oz) pkg. Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix

1/4 c. vinegar

3 Tbl. water

1/4 c. olive oil

Preheat outdoor grill to around 450 degrees.  Remove husk from ears of corn and spray corn lightly with cooking spray.  Place corn and red bell pepper on preheated grill.  Grill until charred, rotating every few minutes (it takes around 10-15 minutes total).  Remove from grill and place bell pepper in a zip-lock bag, sealing to allow the the pepper to steam. 

Cut the corn kernels off the cob and add to a large bowl along with the chopped onion, diced tomatoes, cilantro and jalapeños.  Remove bell pepper from zip-lock bag and peel off the charred layer.  Remove ribs and seeds from pepper and chop.  Add chopped pepper to the bowl with the corn.  In a separate small bowl, combine the Italian dressing mix, vinegar, water and oil and stir until well combined.  Pour over salsa and stir until everything is evenly coated in dressing.  Serve.  Refrigerate leftover salsa.   

Jenn's Notes: The Italian Dressing Mix is found down the salad dressing aisle, by the packets of ranch dressing mix.