To take the measures we used some output pins, setting it on to start the timer, and resetting it to stop it. These signals are monitorized with the oscilloscope and, therefore the system is not perturbed.


EasyTasks is running in a MCF52233 Coldfire microcontroller.

 Clock Frequency 60 MHz
 ROM Memory 256 KBytes
 RAM Memory 32 KBytes


 Task Switching Time 18.8 us
 Execution performance 50000 task/second
 TCP Reception Time to Callback Function 40 us
 TCP Reception Time to Server Task 82 us
 TCP Transmission Time 66 us
 Memory Block Allocation Time 7.4 us
 Memory Block Free Time 3.12 us

  • Task Switching Time. It is measuring taking the time since a thread signals an event to other until this last thead runs
  • TCP Reception Time to Callback Function. Time ellapsed from the interrupt on incomming Ethernet packet, to the socket reception callback function.
  • TCP Reception Time to Server Task. Time ellapsed from the interrupt on incomming Ethernet packet, to the server task processing the received data.
  • TCP Transmission Time. Since the TCP transmission function is called until the Ethernet packet is written in the Ethernet controller.
  • Memory Block Allocation Time. Time that the system wastes looking for a new memory block.
  • Memory Block Free Time. Time to free a previously allocated block.