EasyTasks can be divided in functional modules. These modules work completely integrated and optimized, so no bugs can be introduced trying to adapt modules from different environments.
The modules included in the RTOS are:
  • eTask: It is the kernel and it manages all the threads in the device.
  • eSockets: Functions to establish data communications through IP networks. 
  • eCommands. To create console or HTTP commands.
  • eConfig: This module implements all the parameters that can be configured in the device.
  • eFiles: Used to read and write data in the storage medias.
  • eUtils: Text strings handle and data convertion API.
There are more modules available for EasyTasks in source code.
  • Session Initiation Protocol.
  • Real Time Protocol.
  • Modbus TCP. 
  • File Transfer Protocol.
  • Domain Name System client.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
  • Network Time Protocol.
  • Telnet client.
  • Wave file player.
  • Audio codecs. 
  • Tone generator.