Board Support Package

EasyTasks is built to be ported to any 16 or 32 bits Processor or Microcontroller. Usually, we port the OS on demand to the desired platform, in order to ensure the reviability of the system. Nevertheless, a Porting Guide is available for developpers that prefer to port it themselves.

There are some BSP's finished and ready to use. We are going to raise them if our clients require more tarjets. The BSP's available now are:


  • MCF5223X. This Coldfire family works great with EasyTask because they have all the hardware requirements embedded in it and you can develop very interesting Ethernet smart devices in a very small footprint.
  • MCF5225X. It has the same features that the previous family but it add a parallel bus support and more RAM size. So you can design more complex devices.
  • MPC8XX. Support for the PowerQuicc family.