The Operating System for Smart Devices

Usually, the smart devices have been designed with very simple kernels, so the programmers need to perform a lot of extra work in order to acomplish their objectives.
EasyTasks is not only a multitask kernel, it is a complete operating system designed to be used as a base of smart devices. It includes advance networking properties and it can work with minimum hardware requirements but with the best performance available.

It makes a special emphasis in two features:

  • Taken care of the use of the RAM memory. In fact the complete system with IP services runs with less than 16KBytes of RAM.
  • A devised design to facilitate the programming tasks and to reduce the probability of errors.

The first feature is acomplished with a new algorithm for the dynamic memory manager, diminishing the number of fragmentations when we allocate memory blocks, but without increasing the process time or without reallocating the memory blocks.

More than 15 years of experience in RTOS have served to detect repetitive tasks, useful and unuseful features.  To add code forces  the programmer to follow guidelines that create independent modules, making easy therefore, the detection and correction of bugs.

EasyTasks is made up of six functional modules: eTasks, eSockets, eFiles, eConfig, eCommands and eUtils.  Each one of them is independent of the rest, nevertheless all together provide a global solution for the development of embedded systems.

Ready to use

If you are interested on this product, you can purchase the complete source code. It is royalty free for each CPU or microcontroller family, that means that you can use it to design all the devices you want using the contracted processor family and no royalties are charged.
Annual support can be contracted so you can keep your EasyTasks OS updated with the last improvements and features. Our experts team will guide you in order to begin to work with the OS and they will help you with any problem that you have.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact at info@conectaip.es