The best car rental company in Santorini, Greece

The best car rental company in Santorini

Santorini is certainly the most famous - and according to many of the most beautiful -and unique island of the Aegean and Greece in general. The island is famous all over the world for its caldera and its beautiful and colorful sunsets. Moreover, its whitewashed houses and blue domed churches that seem to be perched precariously on the cliffs are definitely among of the most famous and photographed sights of Greece.

The Best Santorini Car Rental Firm

In fact, Santorini's unique landscapes and vistas are the second thing after the Parthenon that springs to the mind of many foreigners when they hear the word "Greece". Hence, the island is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, Greeks and foreigners alike, every year.

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The best way to explore and experience the island of Santorini, despite its small size, is by car, so there are dozens, if not hundreds of car rental companies on the island. It goes without saying that not all of those were created equal and so there are some that manage to stand out in this very crowded market. Santorini Easy Rent is not only one of the most successful businesses on the island, but it is also considered the best car rental company on Santorini.

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What makes Santorini Easy Rent really and our website unique is the fact that it is a local business run and staffed by people born, raised and living on the island. In other words, it is not a branch of a faceless multinational corporation. In addition, bookings are not made through fully automated international systems but they are handled by the company's staff on a client by client basis, so that the needs of each and every client can be met to their fullest.

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Santorini Easy Rent has been in this industry for 28 years and the key to its success and the confidence shown by its customers is simple: personalized services. This business understands and fully respects the fact that those who are interested in its services are on vacation and all they want is to spend some quality time relaxing and unwinding and of course enjoying the beauty of the island in the most carefree way possible. That's why the company ensures that each of its customers receives and enjoys the best possible service. Whether a client needs something regarding the car he or she rented or needs some information on the company's services, he or she can rest assured that any time you contact the company, someone will be there to offer assistance.

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Santorini Easy Rent owns and operates a very large fleet of cars - all of them are very recent models - so that it can meet the needs of every visitor to the island. It can provide from small hutch backs to large family cars and sedans or jeeps and four wheel drive cars for the more adventurous types. Furthermore, sports cars and convertibles are also available for those who want to get around the island in style. It goes without saying that they offer cars with both automatic and manual gearboxes. All cars are regularly checked and serviced by specially trained technicians and mechanics and as a result, they are always kept in excellent mechanical condition and are as reliable as possible.

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In addition, the people at Santorini Easy Rent understand that there is nothing worse than starting your vacation by looking for a car rental company's offices in order to pick up the car that you booked online.For this reason, the company ensures that each customer will receive his or her car immediately after he or she arrives to Santorini. 

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One of the company's employees will be at the airport or port at the time of the client's arrival to welcome him or her and deliver the car that was booked through the site. The customer will also find various free stuff in the car such as a road map of the island and a child or booster car seat if requested. When it comes to returning the car, the customer has to simply inform the company of the location of the car and will be picked up by one of its employees. Once again, the client doesn't have to visit the company's offices.

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So we can say that the unique client-centric business philosophy of Santorini Easy Rent in combination with its deep understanding of the needs and the mentality of the tourists visiting Santorini is what distinguishes it from all the similar businesses on the island.

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