Easy Menu

A multi-browser automagic extension builder

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What is it?

Roughly speaking this program will automagically create for you a Firefox extension that once installed in the browser will add a beautiful and fully customizable Menu (see an example here on the right).

More technically speaking this is a GPLv3 python script buildings a multi-browser GPLv3 extensions (Firefox and Flock compatible at the moment) that install into the browser a Menu with the content specified in a "well formatted" XML input. The Menu content has no limit but your creativity! A compressed file with the source code and/or both orig.tar.gz and diff.gz files, suitable for packaging in Debian-based systems (experimental), can be built.

What can be inserted into the Menu?

  • Links: whatever kind of links that the browser can recognise (i.e. http, ftp, irc, etc.). No matter how many they are.
  • Sub-menus: sub-menus of the main Menu, no matter how many they are and the number of sub-levels.
  • Icons: a 16x16px icon can be added near any item or sub-menu.
  • Mailing Lists: knowing the URL of a Mailing List archive (that uses Mailman standard) a sub-menu with the links to the specified mailing list archive of the current month ordered by Thread, Subject, Author and Date will be automagically added.
  • Search forms: add a special item in the menu that will open a small popup showing a customized text prompt. The value entered by the user will be considered a parameter for the search form. Only search forms of type GET are allowed.
  • Custom pages: add an hidden item to the Menu that will be shown only if the value of the relative custom page has been filled by the user in the extension preferences. Very useful for example to add a link to a personal page in a community, forums, etc.
  • Style customization: for every item or sub-menu in the Menu you can specify the main style properties (bold text; items colour; items, sub-menus and menu background colour; sub-menus border colour). Also a tooltiptext can be specified.