Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver: a classic beauty

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And then there's Xubuntu: Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop. An excellent distro! An official member of the Ubuntu family, so of assured quality.

Click on the blue button for a free copy of Xubuntu:

Xubuntu 18.04 LTS (the default edition, 64-bit):

Xubuntu 18.04 LTS (32-bit):

Note: you have to burn the .iso file on a DVD  in a special way (written for Linux Mint, but the procedure is the same).

Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver is not only the latest but also the best Xubuntu, because 18.04 is an LTS version.

Xubuntu is very easy to use and has an elegant, clean and functional look. No frills, which is one of the reasons why Xubuntu is very stable and reliable.


1. Below you see a screenshot of Xubuntu 18.04. Not with the ugly default wallpaper: it's another one of the default set of wallpapers, which of course can be changed easily.

A click on the "mouse head" icon in the upper left corner of the screen, launches the menu (click on the image to enlarge it):


Easy and simple

2. As far as I'm concerned, Xubuntu is the absolute winner of the Ubuntu family, because of the clean and easy desktop. Especially former Windows users will be able to adjust to Xubuntu very quickly.

Rapid access to all of your applications, and you're productive in no time at all. Another advantage is, that Xubuntu puts less strain on the system resources.

Minimal system requirements

3. The minimal system requirements are, if you want a reasonably acceptable performance:

RAM memory: 1 GB
Video card: 64 MB
Hard disk space: 20 GB

With that, Xubuntu will perform pretty smoothly, provided that the swap inclination has been reduced.

Hardware too weak? Consider Lubuntu, which is the lightweight champion.

Get Xubuntu

4. You can get Xubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver here.

Complete and full-fledged alternative

5. Xubuntu has less eye-candy than Ubuntu, because it has few 3D visual effects. But as a 2D desktop is usually more stable than 3D, many consider this to be an advantage.

Xubuntu is a fine looking and efficient distro, and an excellent alternative to "flag ship" Ubuntu. Under the hood, Xubuntu is the same as Ubuntu: the difference lies in a different user interface and in a somewhat different default set of applications.

Important differences from main version Ubuntu

6. Technically, Xubuntu is largely the same as main version Ubuntu (Gnome), because the Xfce desktop that Xubuntu uses, is closely related to Gnome. Most how-to's on this website, can therefore be applied in Xubuntu as well.

Yet there are important differences:

The file manager (file browser) is called Thunar. In the terminal without capital, so thunar. Good to know when you want to use a terminal command that contains nautilus (the file manager of Ubuntu).

Note: don't install Nautilus in Xubuntu! This will cause system conflicts.

The text editor (notepad) is called Mousepad. In the terminal without capital, so mousepad. Good to know when you want to use a terminal command that contains gedit (the text editor of Ubuntu).

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Do this first: what to do right after a fresh install of Xubuntu

7.1. I've listed the things that you want to do right after installation, in order to complete and tune your shiny new Xubuntu.

Upper panel: adding shortcuts

7.2. It might be convenient to add some application shortcuts to the upper panel. For Firefox and for the terminal, for example. This is how you can do that.

Safeguard the panels (kiosk mode)

7.3. It may come in handy to safeguard the panels of Xubuntu against a clumsy user, who may otherwise remove them by accident. The how-to is here.

Add a weather report to the upper panel

7.4. Always nice: a weather report in the upper panel.

Click on the image to enlarge it:


Add it like this:
Right-click mouse on an empty space on the upper panel - Panel - Add New Items... - click Weather Update - click Add

Click Close.

Then: right-click mouse on No Data (in the far right of the panel) - Properties - Location: click Change... and type the name of your country - click Find - confirm one of the findings (pick the town nearest to your own). Alternatively, you might try a search on town name, but that is generally less successful.

Now remove an irritating animation:
(tab Scrollbox) - Labels to display: remove Wind direction and Wind speed.

Click close.

Now move the weather report to the place on the panel which you like best. Right-click mouse on weather report - Move

Maybe add an extra separator: right-click mouse on panel - Panel - Add New Items... - click on Separator - click on Add

The extra separator is now on the far right, quite invisible. Move it by right-click mouse - Move.

A normal mouse-click (left button) on the weather report, produces a nice weather forecast for the next four days. See the screenshot below (click on the image to enlarge it):


Fix a display error

7.5. A well-known error in former editions of Xubuntu was, that now and then the window borders disappeared. This problem has probably been fixed. But in order to be prepared: this is how you fix it when it happens:

Menu button - Accessories - Terminal Emulator

Type (copy/paste):
xfwm4 --replace

Press Enter.

With that command, you restart the window manager, and that fixes it.

Want more?

8. Do you want more tips and tweaks for (X)ubuntu? There's a lot more of them on this website!

Find help on the Ubuntu forums

9. Xubuntu is an officially recognised derivative of main version Ubuntu.

That's why the regular Ubuntu forums are also available for your help requests concerning Xubuntu. It's convenient though, when you write in your help request that you are using Xubuntu.

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