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Samsung printers in Ubuntu

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Samsung has produced a fine Linux driver for all its printers: the Unified Linux Driver.

Usually it isn't necessary to install it, because Ubuntu already contains a version of it. But if that version doesn't suffice, for example because your printer is too new, then you can install the driver as follows.

1. First try the application Printers:
Click on the grey Ubuntu logo (Dash home). Query: printers.
Click Printers
Click on the green plus sign ( + ) to add your printer in a few steps.

If this fails, for example because your printer is too new for the database in your Ubuntu version, then proceed as follows:

2. Download the compressed Linux driver from the website of Samsung itself. Weirdly, Samsung's download center is easiest to find when you use Google instead of Samsung's own home page (lousy web design, anyone?). Use the query samsung download in Google.

3. Usually the downloaded file can be found in the folder Downloads. Go to the folder Downloads (click on the icon of your Home folder in the side panel - Downloads) and double-click the compressed (zipped) file.

Now unzipper File-roller starts. Let File-roller unpack the compressed file. Then close File-roller.

4. Click on the grey Ubuntu logo (Dash home). Query: terminal.
Click on Terminal.

type (use copy/paste):
cd ~/Downloads/uld

Press Enter.

Note: this might produce an error nessage, stating: No such file or directory. This typically happens when you've downloaded the old driver for older printers, because the new driver is only for newer printers. If so, copy/paste the following magical incantation into the terminal:
cd ~/Downloads/cdroot/Linux

Press Enter.

5. Then in the terminal (copy/paste):
sudo sh
press Enter.

When asked, type your password. Your password remains entirely invisible: you don't even see dots, that's normal. Press Enter again.

Now the installation starts. Answer the questions (choose to disable printing from the LTP port: that's outdated).

6. You're done! Enjoy your printer.

Note: does the installation fail, for example because unzipper File-roller produces an error, or because you get the error message "Can't open" ?

Then you probably have a corrupt driver file: that happens fairly often with this file. Apparently Samsung's servers are in a bad shape. Solution: remove everything and download a new copy.

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