Printers and scanners: how to install them in Linux Mint

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Below you find a progressive scheme for installing your printer or scanner in Linux Mint.

Step 1: simply connect it and check whether it works

1. Installing printers and scanners in Linux Mint and Ubuntu, is usually very easy. You connect the printer or scanner, and it simply works rightaway: it's being detected and installed automatically.

Sometimes this happens without any notification from the system, so that you might not even have noticed that everything is alright.

So first try to print a document in your word processor. Or try to make a scan with the application Simple Scan (which is present by default in all editions of Linux Mint).

No effect? Then proceed with step 2.

Step 2: add a printer with the application Printers

2. Sometimes it's necessary to add a printer / scanner to the system yourself, by means of the application Printers. In that case the application Printers already contains the driver for your printer, but you have to "indicate" the printer first.

So launch the application Printers. You can use the search box in your menu to find it; it's present by default in all editions of Linux Mint.

In Printers, click the button Add (with the + sign) and follow the steps it offers you.

No success? Then continue with step 3.

Step 3: add a printer manually

3. Now and then you need to install a driver and/or firmware for your printer or scanner. Below you'll find the how-to for several big brands:

HP printers (all models)

Samsung printers (all models)

Brother printers (all models)

Canon PIXMA printers

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