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Many how-to's start with "open a terminal" or "launch a terminal window". That's because terminal commands are identical across all editions of Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Which saves me a lot of explanations....

Yet this first step might pose a problem for you; because how does one launch a terminal window in the first place? You find the answer below.

On the bottom left, click on the big square button with the rows of white dots (Show Applications). Query: terminal
Click on Terminal

Linux Mint Cinnamon:
Menu - Administration - Terminal

Linux Mint MATE:
Menu - Terminal

Linux Mint Xfce:
Menu button - System - Xfce Terminal (Terminal Emulator)

Menu button - Accessories - Terminal Emulator

Menu button - Accessories - LXTerminal

Strictly speaking, it's not necessary anymore in modern Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, to use the terminal. Because for all the things you want to do, there's usually a normal "mouseclick" application available.

But the terminal is still the mighty "Swiss Army knife" of Linux: it can do everything! Thanks to the enormous amount of small terminal applications.

A screenshot of Linux Mint Cinnamon with an open terminal window (click on the image to enlarge it):

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