Pete's Perfect Warm Honey and Brown Sugar Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Pete’s Perfect Smoked Warm Honey and Brown Sugar Glazed Baby Back Ribs


2 1/2 pound slab of Baby Back Ribs
1 tablespoons Traeger Sweet Rub or your favorite seasoning
Approximately 1/8 cup warmed honey
1/4 cup brown sugar
3-4 ounces of apple or pineapple juice
Favorite BBQ Sauce (we mixed Sweet Baby Ray's and Ole Ray's Peach-A-Licious - half of each)
Heavy Duty Tin Foil


1.      Remove membrane from back of ribs by cutting a slit into the membrane (in the middle of the rack) and using a paper towel to improve the grip pull the membrane off of the ribs and discard membrane.
2.      Using maple wood chips, heat smoker to 180 degrees.

3.      Sprinkle front and back sides of rib slab with seasoning.

4.      Pour warmed honey on front and back sides of rib slab.

5.      Thoroughly rub seasoning and honey into the meat.

6.      Sprinkle brown sugar over front and back of ribs and rub into slab.

7.      Place on smoker and smoke for 2 hours maintaining 180 degree temperature.

8.      Meanwhile, ready tin foil to wrap rib slab.

9.      Remove ribs from smoker, place in foil, pour juice over slab and wrap tightly.

10.  Place rib slab back on smoker, increase heat and maintain at 225-250 degrees and cook for an additional 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

11.  Remove foiled rib slab and pour off the juice into a small prep bowl.

12.  Place rib slab back on smoker and mop twice with juice.

13.  Continue cooking for an additional 15 minutes.

14.  Brush BBQ Sauce on r Cook an additional 30 minutes.
Note: Smoking time is not concrete due to factors such as outdoor temperature, wind and the ability of stabilize the heat. These influences can require additional time and according to my husband, it might take another beer or two but it will be worth it. P.S. Patience is a virtue - low and slow!
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