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Version 1.07 uploaded

posted Feb 1, 2010, 8:42 AM by Jim O'Keane
Changes in this version are primarily related to improving the color / car detection logic and performance. Now the program automatically calibrates the 'amount' of color it sees for each car during the calibration pass rather than using a fixed threshold setting. I also improved the performance of the color calibration and color detection logic a tad.

I've added some very simple contrast and hue/saturation controls for people that are using camera that do not have these controls in the camera driver or software. If you do have these controls as part of your camera software, I urge you to use them in the Camera Settings dialog. Using the contrast and saturation in the Motion Detection dialog, will cut into the overall performance (lower FPS) since this is just more processing I have to do each frame.

I've got a new Microsoft LifeCam HD which seems to provide a little faster response (30 FPS vs. 15 to 20 FPS for my old camera). The older Deluxe Optical Glass camera still works fine. 

One issue with the Microsoft LifeCam is that by default it has autofocus and automatic exposure turned on. These should be turned off, and set manually to get the best results in ELC.