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Pink Butterfly Plants are a great addition to any backyard! These quick growers normally bloom the second year and are proven to attract the Monarch Butterfly as pictured below...

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Sunflowers add color and height to your yard or business! These sunflowers can grow up to 10' tall in just one growing season!

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Cana Lillies are one of the quickest growing plants here at Easy Grow Plants!  They grow up to 6' tall in just a matter of months!  To learn more or to purchase 

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Rose of Sharon Seeds

One of the easiest and fast growing plants! Flowers in Purple, Pink, Red, and White!

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Lucky Bamboo is the perfect gift for a wedding, birth, graduation or any event!

Bamboo can be planted in soil or can survive in water alone! You can purchase bamboo below! Free Shipping Inside The United States!

Spider Plants Are Nature's Air Filtration System!

Proven to filter the air of many nasty chemicals the spider plant improves the look and feel of any room in your home. You can purchase these plants by using the Buy Now button below! Learn More Here!

The Devil's Ivy Or Golden Pothos is yet another very easy to grow plant! This plant can handle low light conditions even in basements or offices with fluorescent lights. This plant has also bee proven by NASA to filter the air! Forget all those expense air filters just pick yourself you a couple Devil's Ivy plants!

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