PPPGA Production Photos

Keeping You Posted on the Production of J.A.C.O'S PPPGA Tournament

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Here is an assortment of photos that span the 3 months of filming, editing, and other work that went into bringing The PPPGA from an idea on paper into complete and beautiful fruition.  Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

 Where We Filmed

 Another Look

 Planning Out Some Shots

 Cameron and Justin W. Checking Out the First Hole

 Filming Has Begun

"The Tyger's" Commercial

West Getting the Shot

West Working With "The Tyger"

Filming an Interview with Alex Marque

Hanging Out, Probably Charging the Camera

The Official PPPGA Logo Created By Alex Marque

Interviewing "The Tyger"

Brad, The Bowler

Staring His Target Down

West Getting the Shot

 Legger Fixing the Logo

 Cameron Working on His Backstory

Legger Working on His Back Story (It'll Make More Sense Later)

West Filming His Back Story (He's Not Bored, He's in Character)

David Faherty

David, ready for his closeup.

First class props from J.A.C.O.

Gary McCard getting ready to go on the air.

David getting the feed.

Filming by Gregory Lutz.

The broadcast begins.

A good team of broadcasters.

Fixing a Mustache.

Eric Returns in time to help with the final touches of magnificence

Recording the J.A.C.O Jingle (Apparently Eric is a little Flat)

Some more J.A.C.O Jingle Goodness