Meet The Characters

Meet the unique and enjoyable characters that make up the film 













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  • John Connor is your average man, Age 27, no real job, still living in his mother's basement, you know, the usuals.  John enters this competition to try to prove his worth as a "Real Man" and has been training rather intensely to do well on the big day.  
  • Jim Green is a genuine and good to do fellow who joined the tour in order to earn money to pay for his family's inconvenient and unfortunate medical history.  Jim has a small following rooting for his noble cause and wishing him success in the big tournament. 






  • Gerrard Fitzpatrick has been on tour for many years now and is clearly identifiable by his unique rituals and habits that are a product of his intense O.C.D and other medical misfortunes.  Gerrard should be a real contender this year.







  •   Brad "The Tyger" Steven is the Three time PPPGA Champion and is currently on a roll.   Brad just released his new putter, "The Tyger," and will certainly be expecting nothing short of his forth PPPGA championship.  






  • Here are the caddies for Gerrard (foreground) and Brad (background).  Their Commitment and service towards making the PPPGA great is welcomed and certainly thanked.  Keep up the good work Gentlemen. (Not photoed is John's Caddy)






  • Though the PPPGA has not gained much of a spectator audience, due to the seemingly underwhelming excitement levels, it is good to see we have a few dedicated fans to make it all worthwhile at the end of the day.






  • Gary McCard and David Faharty are as good a broadcasting team as they get. Being partners for the last 10 years, they show a friendship on the air that is so true. JBC Sports thinks these two are swell!