Black Friday 2006

5 Hours in line at Circuit City produce an entertaining and enlightening Journey through America's Black Friday 


J.A.C.O. Productions

Black Friday 2006 -View it on the Web


-Eric Petrinowitsch     -Travis Moore     -Greg Lutz     -Justin Legger

The Feature Presentation:

What began as a simple plan to wait out in the cold November air of a Circuit City in the late hours of the night, seeking HD monitors for our Xbox 360's, resulted in one crazy and eventful night of cinematic proportions.

In deciding to film our progress and adventures throughout the night, we unknowingly got the ball rolling which would rekindle the fire beneath J.A.C.O Productions which was started 6 years earlier.

One crave case, three coffees, ten over-sized pixie sticks, four hours, and one movie later we all were a little antsy and began getting some surprisingly entertaining and worthwhile footage. At this point we realized we may actually have something here.

We continued to sit through the cold and gathered more footage, including the ridiculous length of the constantly growing line, as well as the chaos that ensued when the doors opened at 5:00 AM. Greg Lutz and Eric Petrinowitsch were able to obtain their desired HD monitors, but other cast members were not so lucky. Watch the film to find out what happens.

After a long night of filming we got some much needed rest, and met again the next night, which turned into 7 straight hours of editing. Due to technical malfunctions, mainly due to Windows Movie Maker, it was a painstakingly long process. The final product was a little rough around the edges, but was humorous and helped revitalize the fire beneath the bottom that is J.A.C.O. Productions.