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"East Tennessee Roots Genealogical/Historical Magazine" is devoted to the history and genealogy of the 30 counties that now comprise East Tennessee. It has been published for several years and is now in its 10th volume. The current issue, Vol.10 No.2, is just finished and is being mailed now.  A subscription to Volume 10 is $30. You will receive four issues totalling over 400 pages. "East Tennessee Roots" is now published in pdf format; it may be viewed on your computer or you may print out a hard copy to read.
Before you decide whether to subscribe to Volume 10, you can check the surname index from issues 1 and 2.
You can also read the contents of back issues, check the subject index from Volume 2 through the current issue (Volume 10, Number 2), and check the surname index for individual issues.
Surname Index to Volume 8, 7,6, etc, coming soon 


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