Welcome, you are probably visiting my website because you are looking for some insight into, or resolution for, an issue that is bothering you.  

It could be that you are feeling anxious or depressed and may or may not know why, you may have been bereaved or experienced some other loss or trauma, past or present.  Perhaps you are trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship, redundancy or a life-changing or chronic illness.  It could be family difficulties or workplace bullying or you could just be feeling overwhelmed by life and unable to cope.  

A lot of decisions or changes involve elements of uncertainty or stress so at times like these you may just want someone to talk to who is not a friend or relative and who will offer you a safe and confidential environment in which to explore your thoughts and feelings.  We all have the answers inside us; sometimes we just need some time and space to find them.  I offer short or long term counselling and psychotherapy from a convenient room at West Terrace Clinic in Eastbourne Town Centre within easy walking distance of the railway station, bus stops and car parks.