This site was set up to assist researchers in the East Suffolk area to quickly search for existing graves that have been or will be photographed by the Gravestone Photographic Resource. If you are not familiar with this excellent site owned & run by Charles Sale, it works like this.
 When you have identified the grave you are interested in, you simply apply to the G.P.R. site for a photo of it, this is free, though donations or help will be appreciated. In many cases names will appear here before they are processed and  uploaded to the main G.P.R. site
. Please only apply directly to the G.P.R. for photo's not to this site . The No. in the 2nd column is just a temporary reference number. The "Type"column refers to people on the gravestone, "a" being the primary person and the following letter's refer to other's on the same stone & their relationship to "a" e.g. "w" = wife: "h" = husband, etc.. Only year of birth and/or death are recorded here but in most cases the full date will show on the photo's.
To access G.P.R. simply Google it or use the following URL.


Latest Addition:- Burgh St Botolph Burial records
Most entry's on this site have been photographed by Sue & Robin Biddle who also compiled the majority of the the spreadsheets.
Terry Levett August 2010