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Stanislaus County Grown                                        
 Buy Local!
In an effort to make consumers more aware of where their produce is coming from, and to support local farmers, the East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District has begun work on our Stanislaus County Grown branding campaign.  The hope is to create a recognizable brand producers may use to assist with marketing their product locally, and one which consumers will recognize and support.
As part of this project, we will be speaking to area residents, shoppers and producers on the importance of locally grown produce. We will soon be providing a link to a survey we would like you to participate in. This will help us determine how best to design the campaign to meet the needs of shoppers and producers. What we will want to know is how important is knowing where your food comes from to you? 
To be sucessful, community support will be a necessity.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you if you are interested in helping with these efforts.  Please email for more information.
What We Offer
The East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District prioritizes local resource conservation concerns and the implementation of planned activities by assisting District cooperators, land users, and land owners. We provide technical, financial and administrative assistance in our office and in the field. We also provide representation at various workshops, meetings and public hearings.  
Some of our services include:
  • Natural Resource Education and Outreach
  • Best Resource Management Plans
  • Resource Conservation Information
  • Workshops and trainings
Let us help you today! Check out our Watershed Project and our Upcoming Events to see if you might benefit from one of our projects. Or, contact us at
How You Can Help
Learn more about your community and get involved!
  • Get involved with a Resource Conservation Plan on your property
  • Attend one of our Upcoming Events
  • Volunteer
  • Donate