Questions about how the garden operates will arise throughout the year. The following answers to some frequently asked questions may help shed some light on a few questions. Other questions can be directed to the garden co‐leaders or other crew leaders.

How much does it cost to garden here?

$40 and $20

What kinds of tools, equipment and supplies are available at the garden?

Water, gardening tools, approved pest control products

Can I leave a sprinkler or soaker hose “on” if I am not at the garden?

This is probably a moot point. We’re hooking up a network watering system so there will be no need for spot watering.

What do I have to do to stay in good standing with the garden?

Follow the guidelines. In general keep your plot tidy and contained and be considerate to other gardeners and the garden’s neighbors.

Can I bring fruit and vegetable scraps from home to compost in the bins at the garden?

If you follow the posted composting rules, yes!

How are plot sizes determined?

    Plot sizes are fixed by the garden committee and may be reconsidered in the future.

    How many plots can I get?
      Up to 2 plots until May 1st, at which time we may distribute more if plots are unassigned.

      Is this an organic garden?

        Technically no. We encourage as natural gardening gardening practices as possible and do ban certain non-organic methods. If you have questions, check the list of approved chemicals and methods posted at the shed. Most of the approved chemicals and methods are provided in the shed for your reasonable use.

        Who do I contact for gardening advice?
          If you need a gardening mentor, please contact the garden leader whose phone number is posted on the shed. We are still contemplating good resources for members who want quick gardening advice.

          How much time should I expect to spend at the garden?
            For your own plot, you may spend as little as 30 minutes or as much as 2 hours per week or more. This depends upon what you are growing and harvesting. In addition to your own plot, you will be expected to attend the Spring and Fall Workdays, and volunteer for one of the jobs listed on the application sheet.

            What should I do if I am threatened or harassed at the garden?
              Garden smart. Don’t garden after dark or before sunrise. Leave the vicinity if you have that opportunity. Call the police if you feel the situation warrants it. Inform a member of the gardening committee so that the rest of the community can be aware of what happened.