Community Gardening Grows

All people have common needs. We need food, not only for basic survival but also for enjoyment and quality of life. We need friendship toonot only for enjoyment but to gain a sense of purpose as we give back to others. Finally, we need a fully developed spirit: the knowledge that we exist beyond just our physical bodies makes each of us feel more whole.

The purpose, then, of the East Stanford Community Garden is to address each of these three vital human needs. For a nominal fee, garden members will have the chance to grow their own food, form stronger ties within their community, and foster a greater sense of self in the process.

Please explore this web site to learn more about gardening in general, our garden in particular, and how to get involved if you're interested.


The East Stanford Community Garden Directors 


2017 applications are now being accepted. Click here to fill out and submit your form!

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Springfield Community Gardens

Since first planting roots in 2010, Springfield Community Gardens has grown at a steady clip. As of 2016, thirteen SCG gardens are in operation around the city. 

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The East Stanford Garden is fortunate this year to gain the involvement of Healthy Homestead Living, operated by expert gardener Rebecca Austin who hopes to offer workshops on a variety of gardening topics.

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