Children's Meeting

The members of Eastside Friends Meeting strive to nurture the spirits of the children in our community, be they in attendence for a day or for their entire journey to adulthood.

Children are always welcome to attend the full hour of Meeting for Worship. However, as most children are not led to sit still and quiet for an hour, alternative activities are provided.  

  • Babies: Babies are welcome to attend Meeting with their caregivers. Babies often make joyful sounds that bring a smile to the faces of those in attendance.
  • Toddlers and pre-schoolers: Childcare is provided for toddlers and pre-school age children during Meeting for Worship. Imaginative play, puzzles, books, and coloring activities are availible.
  • School age: Spiritual education for school-age children (typically ages 5 and up) is provided from September through June. After about 15 minutes of the full Meeting for Worship, the children go to the Children's Meeting room where we have some time for sharing and an activity based on a monthly theme (e.g. service, simplicity, peace). Activities include games, art, singing, nature walks, service projects, stories, and discussion. Childcare is provided during the summer months; the children play outside or do creative activities indoors.
  • Older kids: On most weeks, all children (typically ages 5 and up) meet together. However, on the third Sunday of each month, the older ones (typically ages 12 and up) meet separately to provide an opportunity for deeper discussion of the monthly theme.  Older kids can be encouraged to participate in the full hour of Meeting for Worship.