Holding Our World in the Light
December 22, 2013

Friends are asked to bring a candle and candleholder to Meeting for Worship
(extra candles will also be available). After Friends have centered and silence enfolds the room, the
Clerk rises and lights a candle on the table. Then one by one, or as families, Friends approach the table,
light their candle(s) from one previously lit, and share what is on their hearts. Some read a short poem,
or passage from the Bible. Some Friends like to recall a special Christmas from their childhood. Others
offer prayers of thanksgiving for the love encircling the table. Still others share their light in silence.

Absent Friends and those imprisoned or suffering far from this circle of Light are also remembered.
When all have spoken and the room is filled with light, this special Meeting for Worship is ended. For
everyone to have an opportunity share, Meeting may run longer than the usual hour. We then gather for
Fellowship with cookies, coffee and juice. (Cookies to share are appreciated.)

Please come and share your Light with the Meeting.

From November 2012 Eastside Friends' Meeting Newsletter