Our CSA Program

East Side Veggies brings the freshest fruits and vegetables—direct from the farm to you! What's fresh this week?  Sign up and see!


Our CSA allows Cleveland's east side residents the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally-grown produce at affordable prices—thereby supporting the local economy and reducing their carbon footprint!


East Side Veggies brings just-picked fruits and vegetables from local farmers directly to your neighborhood; the produce is cut that morning and is on your table by the evening. This means healthier food for you and your family, a guaranteed market for local small farmers, and less gas and money used to get the produce from the farm to the table. By joining East Side Veggies, you are supporting a more just and sustainable food system in Northeast Ohio and the world. Any leftover produce is donated to local charities.


Because we are completely volunteer-organized, we try to keep everything as simple as possible. First, shareholders choose whether they'd like to order a family share (feeds 3-4 people) or a single share (feeds 1-2 people). By ordering in advance, we tell the farmer exactly how much produce to cut for our shareholders. We don't tell the farmers what we want—instead, they harvest for us whatever is freshest that week. This means you get a wide (and sometimes surprising!) variety of fruits and vegetables. But don't worry—we help with everything from identifying your veggies to recipes to cook them. It takes a little bit of patience and an open mind, but our shareholders rave about how they love the occasional kohlrabi, beets, and kale—vegetables they never would have tried otherwise!


Next, shareholders choose the block of dates that they would like to order veggies. Each block is four weeks long. This allows us to limit the number of times we have to handle money over the course of the season, and hopefully makes life a little easier for our shareholders. Each Thursday, shareholders can pick up their shares between 4:30 and 6:30pm at Congregation Shaarey Tikvah in Beachwood. The growing season this year runs from Thursday, June 16th through Thursday, October 27th.


Finally, we ask our shareholders to be generous by contributing their own time and money. In terms of time, we ask volunteers to come and volunteer whenever their schedule allows. In terms of money, we ask that shareholders donate the cost of one share so we can subsidize shares for those less fortunate in our community.


East Side Veggies allows us to eat healthier, reduce our impact on the environment, and enjoy the area's freshest produce. Join today and see for yourself!