East Side Riders Cycling Club (ESR)

The East Side Riders Cycling Club (ESR) is the largest Cycling Club in Essex County. The group is based in the Town of Tecumseh (just east of Windsor Ontario).

Informally created by a handful of road riding enthusiasts in 2009 and formalized into an Ontario Cycling Association affiliated club on June 4, 2012. The group currently has over 100 members who ride and race mainly in Essex County.

ESR provides club rides and support to those who want to cycle and increase their fitness or performance in a friendly environment that stresses safety and camaraderie.

The club is focused on developing road riders in the areas of fitness and performance but also provides rides for those who want to gain group riding experience or just enjoy to ride. The rides are designed to cater to the novice, intermediate and advanced rider.


The following 7 rules will be strictly adhered to:
  1. You must be a fully paid up member to join an ESR ride.
  2. You must wear a helmet at all times when riding your bike during an ESR ride.
  3. You must not wear earphones or any other device that may impede your hearing during an ESR ride. 
  4. You must ride with your hands on the handlebars preferably with fingers on the brake levers at all times.
  5. You must know Ontario roads and highway rules and regulations and agree to ride accordingly at all times.
  6. You must read and sign the OCA waiver.
  7. You must show respect for other club members. You may ride competitively but not ride aggressively.

INTERESTED IN JOINING THE ESR CYCLING CLUB? Email Geno at eastsideriders@cogeco.ca

Remember you have signed a Waiver when registering for the club you ride at your own risk and acknowledge that cycling and group riding dangerous and takes place on open roads.  To review the waiver click on the document below.
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