"Mary teaches my son piano.  She has done a terrific job.  She holds him accountable to practice each week and calls him on it when he has not practiced.  She also asked him which songs he’d like to learn and has taught him those.  It’s a great fit.  Thanks!"
-- Nancy (parent)

"My two daughters are taking piano lessons from Mary.    She's been great and my daughters really likes her.  Thanks!"
-- Aileen (parent)

"Mary is a marvelous teacher and is most certainly an inspiration for her students. Her love of music is apparent to anyone who has seen her at work.  Mary is the ideal combination of fun and discipline and she commands respect from her pupils while maintaining a congenial and lively air during her lessons.  Her enthusiasm for music is infectious and her students feed off of her energy and passion for the subject"
--Daniel (parent)

"My daughter Emily loves her piano lessons with Mary. Thanks!"
-- Alice (parent)