Class Descriptions


Join Miss Danielle and the rest of your friends for movement, crafts, music, and more!  Offered periods 1-3 only.

Training choir 5-6

We will learn some traditional Christmas music this fall to prepare for the Christmas Concert on Dec. 19th. Titles include Jingle Bells, Here comes Santa Claus and Let it Snow! The songs for this choir are taught by rote with pictures and sign language and sometimes some basic choreography to learn the text. They will not use actual sheet music. The songs will be repeated enough times that all the kids will know them by December. They will also learn fun warm-up songs, songs in other languages and the scale with solfege hand-signs. Children will be given turns to "lead" the choir if they want to.

Lego Fun 5-6

Back again from last year is Lego Fun! We will have a fun Lego activities, building challenges, and games from Lego car racing to Lego Creationary! Instructor: Katie P.

Art 1 5-6

Art 1 is an introduction to art history & techniques. We'll take a brief look at famous artists and the students will create their own art to take home & enjoy. We'll use watercolors, tempera paint, colored pencils, and buckets of glue sticks. The goal of this class is for the students to walk away from class knowing that art can be great fun. Not every child will become an artist, but every student can enjoy art. Be warned, however - art class can be messy! Please know that I try very hard to have your child leave my class looking the same as when they arrived, but the days we break out the paint can result in very creative messes! This class is designed for ages 5 & 6. Instructor: Janie

Holiday Traditions 5-6

In holiday traditions we will be exploring how countries around the world celebrate holidays. We will explore India, Barbados, and the USA for Thanksgiving, and Japan, Israel, and Mexico for Christmas. The children will learn of their traditions, possibly taste some of the food, and make crafts relating to each celebration. It will be fun to explore the similarities and differences around the world. Instructor: Amenda

What's That For? 5-6

What's that for? is designed to activate, inspire and reinforce children's natural curiosity in the world around them by exposing them to a variety of tools, utensils and other interesting devices. Each week an object will be introduced and then explored through a STEAM-based approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). Playful, hands-on activities will help to develop a variety of skills with a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving. Instructors: Greg and David

Top Out 5-6

Top Out is designed for the child that loves to climb. Inspired by the form of rock climbing known as bouldering, each week children will be presented with a problem (the path the climber takes in order to complete the climb) that starts in a seated position and leads to the top out or finish. These problems are climbing challenges that follow specific routes utilizing foot holds and hand holds. Instructors: David and Greg

Science 5-6

We will use fun hands on experiments to help understand the world around us. We will start with wetlands and learn how they helps us and then move on to what type of living things call wetlands home. Then we will move on to how clouds make rain and why we salt the roads in the winter when it snows. Instructor: Amy B.

Junior choir 7-9

This choir builds on the skills learned from Training choir. The children should already have a basic understanding of the group behavior, and we will start learning about rhythms and notes and do small exercises to practice them. We will also start learning two-part canons. The repertoire will be some traditional Christmas songs to prepare for the concert on Dec. 19th. We will learn songs like Jingle Bells, Let it snow and some general winter songs. This choir may use music occasionally, but will for the most part learn the songs by rote with sign language, some choreography and pictures.

There will be opportunities for the kids to "lead" the choir for some of our warm-up songs and practice being in front of a group.

Science 7-9

Engineering! This session, we'll spend some time building! We'll explore how to make a strong structure out of paper, what makes a good, solid boat, and how to harness the power of air and rubber bands to move objects. If we have time, we'll fit in the classic egg drop challenge, as well! Instructor: Anne DeC.

Music Fitness 7-9

This class will start our Friday off with fun movement to some tunes! Each week, we'll learn a few dance moves set to current songs (and a some classics like the YMCA). This is definitely not a dance technique class, but we will be moving to the music to get our heart rate up a bit and get exercise! Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. You might want to bring a water bottle, too. Instructor: Kara F.

Snack School 7-9

Learn how to make snacks that are healthy and delicious. Each week will have a different theme and children will learn practical kitchen skills.  Instructor: Angela

Cooking 7-9

The class will focus on holiday cooking. We will make various holiday recipes that will give our 7-9 year old group a chance to show off their talent for the upcoming holidays. Instructor: Jill

Drawing and Painting 7-9

Learn various drawing and painting techniques from story book illustrators. Each week, we will read a story and carefully look at the drawing and painting technique and try to make our own illustrations. Water colors, chalk and oil pastels, pen and ink and charcoals will be used. Please bring an art smock! Instructor: Michaeline

Natural Remedies 7-9, 10-11

In natural remedies we will learn about teas, essential oils, salves and other concoctions that may help during the cold and flu season. We will make some simple Lip balms, vapor rubs, immune boosting teas and other immunity goodness.

Sewing 7-9, 10-11

In session 2 we will continue with sewing machine basics – machine components, learning to thread the machine and bobbin, and seeing projects through (planning to completion). We will work on several small projects that will incorporate machine sewing and a small amount of hand stitching as well. Instructor: Kris

Senior choir 10-11

This choir will mostly use music to learn their songs. We will keep practicing notes and rhythms, and apply them to what we're reading in the sheet music. This group will learn most of their songs in two-part harmonies (alto and soprano). The repertoire we're preparing for the Christmas Concert on Dec. 19th will be traditional Christmas music, like Jingle Bells and Let it snow. They will have their own version of Jingle Bells, but will join the other choirs singing Let it snow. The warm-up songs will include canons in 3-4 parts and songs in other languages, like Latin and Norwegian.

Book Detectives 10-11, 12+

Every story, no matter what the plot, is a mystery. The author has something to tell us, the readers, and it’s our job to put together the clues and decode the message. In our book detectives meetings, we will look closely at the 5 main parts of a story and other story elements, such as characters, setting, and theme. Depending on the vote of the group, we will read one picture book each week and discuss it or read one longer book over the course of 4-5 weeks. We will conclude with a book party to celebrate the stories we have shared and all that we have learned.  Instructor: Angela

Walking/Jogging Outside (10-11, 12+)

Rain or snow, warm or cold join us as we head outdoors for some walking/jogging and talking! Students must come prepared with proper footwear and outerwear. Instructor: Corinne

Mapping the World 10-11

Mapping the World is based on an award winning curriculum designed for grades 5-12. Maps and activities will be integrated based on the students' interest and capabilities. The combination of memorization with practice, mnemonics, and games will inspire the students to study and love geography. The students will learn detailed world maps including the names, borders, mountain ranges, rivers, and major cities. The goal is create excitement about geography and encourage global thinking. Working in small groups will promote positive student interactions and collaboration. This will be a year long course which will build upon itself. During this session we will continue mapping North America to include all of the United States, its capitals, major land formations and Canadian territories. There will be homework, which will allow them to practice what they have learned during class. Instructor: Claudine

Cooking 10-11

This class will focus on nutritious, simple to prepare, stove top/oven baked foods that your 10-11

year old will enjoy making at home with you! We will begin our first class with an introduction to

kitchen safety prior to using any utensils/stove. Please make me aware at registration of any food

allergies that your child has and I will substitute ingredients or choose an alternative food for

him/her. Although this class takes place after lunch, I think we will all have a great time sampling

our creations! I look forward to seeing you! Instructor: Billi Jo

Science 10-11

This session we will explore chemical properties of matter. Students will gain experience with the evidence of chemical change – production of a gas, change in temperature, color change, and formation of a precipitate. Students will design a testing procedure to compare the chemical properties of different substances, observe endothermic and exothermic reactions, control reactions by adjusting the amount of reactants, and neutralize acids to compare the acidity of different solutions. Instructor: Lorri

Acting 10-11, 12+

Students will develop their fundamental acting skills with work on group improvisation, internal and external methods of character development, vocal projection, and text interpretation. These essential skills will provide a foundation for future participation in theatrical productions of any kind. (Students will have a performance opportunity in December.) Instructor: Eden

Beginning Juggling Acts 10-11

Beginner Juggling Acts is designed for those children who wish to learn the art of juggling. Children will start off using scarves to learn the basic technique and depending on their progress will advance to juggling chainsaws and sharp axes. Just kidding of course, but there's always a next step in juggling and this class will grow with each individuals needs.

Art 10-11, 12+

We are going to be doing a tree leaf collaborative project to display at the concert. We are also going to do a tree project working with compasses (the kind to make circles with), graphing and rulers, some special and pattern techniques, warm and cool colors and zen tangles all into one canvas paint project. If time allows we will also be doing a city paint chip skyline. Instructor: Caroline

Show choir 12+

This choir is new this year, and will be run like a select choir in high school. The students will apply their solfege and rhythm reading to the actual music and will also have time every week to practice sight-reading.

We will learn all our songs using the music and also learn some light choreography for some pieces. The concert on Dec. 19th will include Blue Skies from the musical White Christmas and the opening theme from the movie Frozen. All the songs will be taught in 3 parts or more (soprano, alto and baritone).

Warm-up songs will be canons in 4 parts and songs in other languages, like Latin and Swedish.

Home Ec.: Foods Dictionary 12+

Students will learn about different cultural foods, lunch menu planning for those with dietary restrictions/special needs, and learn about "super foods" and their health. Students will cook a meal with each item learned (containing that food). At the end of the course students will have compiled a set of different recipes and informational sheets in the form of a booklet that they can bring home to re-create or share with their family. Instructor: Kate B.