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Eastside Flyers Flyball Team - welcome to our web pages 
High-energy, team dog racing. We run for fun.
Eastside Flyers Flyball Team - banner Image. Flyball team dog racing

Training is on most Saturdays, 9.30am, rear of Yarra Hills Secondary College, 
Call Tiarne on 0477 444 480 for any queries.

Have you ever wondered how your dog would go at Flyball? Does he or she love chasing tennis balls and have a reliable recall to you? Give us a call and then come along to our training session to give it a go.

 Training can be fickle over winter so please give us a call close to Saturday to confirm if training is on depending on the weather.

Lots of things you can do over winter months to keep your dog stimulated despite wet and cold conditions. Have you thought of: playing hide and seek (you hide, or hide a favourite toy), tug games, treat puzzle toys, teaching tricks.