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High-energy, team dog racing. We run for fun.
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Training is on most Saturdays, 9.30am, rear of Yarra Hills Secondary College, 
Call Anne on 0419 114 841 for any queries.

Have you ever wondered how your dog would go at Flyball? Does he or she love chasing tennis balls and have a reliable recall to you? Give us a call and then come along to our training session to give it a go.

 Training can be fickle over winter so please give us a call close to Saturday to confirm if training is on depending on the weather.

Lots of things you can do over winter months to keep your dog stimulated despite wet and cold conditions. Have you thought of: playing hide and seek (you hide, or hide a favourite toy), tug games, treat puzzle toys, teaching tricks.

Recent News

On the Fly - Frankston - Friday 29th September 2017

Fun in the sun....great day though Andy wanted to a social butterfly and got carded twice. Cmon Andy, focus on the job 😊

Back to T'Keilor comp - Sunday 11th June 2017

After a very chilly start and a canopy and traffic jam, we settled in for a beautiful winter's day of Flyball, warmed by the sun which graced us with its presence most of the day.

Ross and the Haz kindly braved the early and cold start to help set up before having to set off late morning to fulfil niece minding duties. Thanks Ross... you are awesome... and so is the Haz of course 😁.

Ivy found she could open the zip on her soft crate and popped out a few times early in the morning... heading to Bron who is ready to claim another dog for the family. Mia arrived with Kayla and was a great help looking after Ivy, holding Andy, playing tug with Oscar, and climbing on Bronni's shoulders to take down the shade sides. Thanks to Kayla for stepping in to ball shag for us 👍😁.

Happy birthday Bron! Nice to share dogs, canopies and morning tea with Croydon Rockets. Thanks to Tiarne for box loading and Jolien for your help.

It was good to see everyone being mindful of making sure that warm ups and cool downs happened each race. Another plus in the cool down walks was having sometimes reactive dogs like Gracie and Shae walking happily next to each other, even giving "high 5 paws" to each other when they both barked off another dog that walked past.

Andy raced well throughout his first full race day with only a couple of up the side runs when he fumbled the ball at the box. Woohoo, Anne and Andy got his second title...20 points Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX). Most excellent indeed, and we're all rapt that Anne has a dog to run full time again.

Spark hogged the lane on his way back each heat, but fortunately Shae managed to squeeze in to take the first jump each time. Cmon Sparkie, get back to sharing. 

Gracie was her usual loony self outside the ring but focussed on the job inside it. Josh decided that Weiners need a chocolate border that can do tight crosses and tried to seduce her to the dark side...and invited Pam too. Nice compliment. 

Little Oscar enjoyed his first comp...loved getting lots of cuddles and meeting so many dogs to play with...he and Ivy fell in love over play at the end of the day. James from Frankston observed "Does he ever stop?" Umm...no.

We came 3rd in 3rd division with friendly racing against Keilor, Wondogs and Croydon. Thanks to everyone for a great day 😁.

Caring for our Flyball dogs workshop - Saturday 20th May

Great workshop this morning with Sarah McFarlane from Canine Balance taking folk from Eastside Flyers and Croydon Rockets through warm up exercises and massage, stretches and cool down exercises that will help prevent injury and develop strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Thanks Sarah for sharing your time and knowledge with us, from your 2 and 4 legged participants.
PS happy birthday Anne  😁🎂🎉🎁🐾🐾

Opening of Eastfield Rd Dog Park, Croydon - 13th May

Harry gives his paw of approval

A great new dog park opened in Eastfield Rd Croydon. Well done to Maroondah Council for setting this area aside for its many dog owning residents and for good community consultation in its design. We hope other councils follow your lead 😁 and create similar dog off lead parks as well.

Como a Gardens Open Weekend - 22nd & 23rd April 2017

Como Gardens Open Weekend was wonderful despite a slow start. A poor weather forecast resulted in low numbers attending on Saturday however the crowds came throughout Sunday, with around $15,000 being raised to be divided between the CFA, SES and St Johns Ambulance. Awesome effort by everyone involved over this lovely relaxing weekend in beautiful surrounds. Thanks to Pat and George for hosting such an awesome event twice a year.

Eastside Flyers enjoyed contributing Flyball racing as part of the crowd entertainment and giving dogs from various Clubs the chance to run with different dogs, work on particular issues, or give new dogs experience in the Flyball ring.

Special thanks to those from other Flyball Clubs: on Saturday to Paul, Lynne and Christine from Frankston, Ricky from Keillor, and Stephen and Joelene from Croydon. On Sunday thanks to Carole and Gerald from Wonthaggi, Ann from Frankston, and Flo and Deb from Croydon. And thanks to our Eastside members, and assorted young ones, for making it all happen.

We are looking forward to the Spring Como Gardens open weekend...hopefully it won't clash with a flyball Racing event. 😁

National Flyball Championships - Hastings - 13th & 14th April 2017

A great 2 days of Flyball racing with lots of super fast teams from interstate, 44 teams all up and 260 dogs 😁. WOW. Everything ran smoothly, a huge WELL DONE to organising clubs Frankston, Hastings and Berwick.

Our awesome team of Andrew/Spark, Bron/Shae, Jade and Ross/Maddi, Pam/Gracie, Ally/Finn, and Di/Mickey, came 2nd place in 6th Division, with a best time of 22.109 seconds, phew, no break outs. Anne did a fantastic job box loading and captaining our team throughout the 2 days racing. Thanks too to Tiarne for always being there to help with the box, jump heights etc. (and moral support 😊).  Some close racing all weekend but Moorabbin had the edge on us. It was a friendly rivalry against them and other Victorian teams, T-Keillor and Ballarat.

There were 3 Flyball rings operating so we had to keep an eye on when our next race was coming up and to see which ring we would be racing in...we could access "flyball geek.com" on our mobiles which listed the teams coming up in each ring with 2 race notice. Pam had fun using voice activation in google and kept getting "flyball gig" and "flyball dick" as search options. We didn't want to go there.

Ring 1 had cameras set up for live feed throughout the 2 days providing live streaming with over 400 views in USA, England, Germany, New Zealand, etc. We only raced twice in ring 1 and were able to let family know to log in and check it out. One of our races was live streamed, going to 2 all with an exciting final deciding heat, which we fortunately won when the other team's last dog dropped its ball. Jade was able to give a cheery wave to say hi to her family...and the rest of the world 😁.

Di tried a few agility moves with Mickey, um...no this is Flyball...so to keep her on the right track the team was encouraging her rather than Mickey to "c'mon Di, run straight, run fast, yay".

Bron had 3 little ones in tow on Friday who enjoyed giving various dogs cuddles, deciding that Bungee was pretty soft and snugly, Harry was cool but Ross had to take him home and and give him a shower (to remove some drool), but Finn was their favourite. Their other favourite occupation was trying to "wake up Nick"...walking on his back, doggy licks, showers of grass...well done on surviving Nick 😁. Bron had thoughtfully given each of them an Eastside cap to wear so if they went astray at last other folk would know where to return them, good idea.

Bronte and Justin came to cheer on the team...and the team cheered her on as her first steps were encouraged. She had fun playing "and who's behind door number 1?" with Ally flicking up the crate cover to reveal Finn.

Jade and Maddi were lined up to race in her 2nd last race of the comp when Maddi did a twist and yank, hurting Jade's wrist. Doh. No complaints from Jade but after the race it was iced and strapped. Still very sore the next day...hope it is ok Jade...Maddi sends licks and her apologies. 

Andrew and Spark checked out K9 Performance and they have offered to run a session for us on how to warm up and cool down our dogs with stretches and exercises. Did you know that doing these even the next day can be very beneficial for your dog? We'll suss out doing a workshop with them.

Looking forward to our relaxed training and demos next weekend at Como Gardens, The Basin. 

Ringwood Highland Games -Sunday 26th March 2017

Eastside Flyers put in an awesome team effort hosting our comp at the Ringwood Highland Games. From a great job of comp organising by Anne, raffle juggling by Ally and Bronte, sticker prize designs by Ross, baby sitting by Georgia, trailer wrangling by Geoff, and lots of other special contributions we produced a smooth running and relaxed competition.

With the Kingston comp the day before we organised for a small comp of 13 teams, but then another 2 teams had to pull out due to problems and injury from the day before, so down to 11 teams (the Frankston team was a merge of 2 teams with dogs that had never run together before...though reckon they enjoyed the relaxation of only having one team competing instead of their usual 3 or 4 teams).

Our teams, the Raptors (Andrew/Spark, Jade/Max, Ross/Maddi and Pam/Gracie) came 1st in division 1 with best time of 20.834 seconds and the Skylarks (Bron/Shae, Mark/Renni, Ally/Finn, Di/Mickey and Anne/Andy) came 2nd in division 3 with best time of 24.740 seconds.

In only her 2nd comp, Jade did an awesome job running mad Max, with Ursula in the back of the ring so Max knew where his mum was. Jade will have sore arms after the racing from Max doing his spin outs on the end of the tug. So glad Ursula and 4 week old Maree were able to last through the day (and there were lots of baby cuddles to share). 

Gracie dropped the ball in one heat, stopped and looked around confused as couldn't see it, popped her head over the 13" jump to see the ball right up against the 3rd jump. She popped back over the jump, picked up the ball and successfully completed her run. Clever girl, earned a round of applause from the watching competitors. 

With 2 teams missing from the running order we got to run a few races on our own, just needing to do a clean heat to be awarded the win. This was a great opportunity for Andy to have some races without the distraction of dogs running in the other lane. He did some great heats but in a few it was just too tempting for the little social butterfly and he had to stop and say hi to the ring stewards.

Shae ran really well throughout the day, with some great starts by Bronni. Renni, Finn and Mickey had occasional "moments" but generally the team ran smoothly. Mark and Renni can't get to training due to work commitments so always pleasing to see Renni remembering his Flyball game.

Great to have Andrew back in action after some injuries early in the year though Pam wasn't so sure when helping wash down Spark's crate tray after he'd been sick. Andrew tilted the rinse water/vomit right onto Pam's shoe and sock...thanks mate 😁

Kurbie, Harry, Cassie and staffy Max had a interactive lunchtime training showing gradual improvement, care of Tiarne, Ross, Anne and Nicci respectively. 

Bron and Deb put together a yummy lunch, shared with Croydon Rockets, and Tiarne helped keep us hydrated with eskies full of drinks. Robyn, Nicci, Florian, Justin, Mia, Emily and Lachlan (special licks from Bungee) all chipped in with help throughout the day. Some of the Croydon Rockets also helped with setting up first thing in the dawn light 👍. 
The raffle was a huge success, especially the much coveted canopy mats, donated by Rebecca from Dog Show Ring Craft. Our Eastside members scored a number of great prizes, including 2 of the mats.

An early finish to a great day of Flyball. Next stop is the National competition on 14/15 April at Hastings. Bring it on 😃

Berwick Comp - Saturday 26th February 2017

Great morning for Flyball racing but the afternoon warmed up a lot. Our team of Jade/Ross/Maddi, Pam/Gracie, Ally/Finn, Di/Mickey and Anne/Andy came 3rd in Division 3 out of 5 teams, with a best time of 23.505 seconds. A  few of the teams were just plain quicker than us but we still managed to win 2 races out of 4.

Jade and Ross took turns running Maddi and both did well with great start times. In the last race Maddi decided to circle over into the other lane and coming back, meriting a verbal warning from Josh, but repeated her naughtiness in the next heat, doh! Thankfully not carded. Gracie ran great with some nice close crosses into Maddi.  Finn ran consistently and calmly compared to the rest of the team, though Ally can't understand why we call him "calm"...guess there's no rabbits around. Mickey fumbled the ball at the box a few times but some races was right on the ball, literally. Andy did recalls and runs during warm ups with some great runs as well as a few shortcuts.

During lunchtime training Kurbie was very overexcited even forgetting how to do recalls.  Haz did several spot on returns to Ross and only a couple of wide returns when Kurbie and the Croydon dog in other lane were having their turns. Harry cooled off with a dip in the creek until he started to swim downstream..."come back Haz!"

In singles racing Maddi won her first race over 13" while her rival was running over 7" (as it was a veteran, over 8 years old). Next singles race was unfortunately against Gracie, bad luck of the draw. Maddi raced not down to the box but across to Gracie to round her up...3 times. Ho-hum, entertaining for the crowd but not for us. The final singles race was against Astro from Berwick...7" against Gracie's 13" and with very close racing, Gracie managed to pull off the win taking out the division 2 singles racing.

In the Pairs racing Maddi and Gracie were first up against Chad and Kali from Frankston, with us racing over 13" to their 7" again as they had an 8yo dog, but Maddi wanted to go over and tell Chad off for sexual assault...all that past history.

A highlight of the day was Andy taking up a free spot in beginners' singles and while not faster than the other dog, did do 3 clean runs despite a running dog in the other lane, crowds, noise and moving people on the sidelines. Woohoo!

Ivy had lots of mini training sessions with Di throughout the day as well as clueing in to who among the team were likely prospects for treats. 

Bungee chilled out enjoying being out with all his Flyball friends. Jade popped Pam's dogs into the back seat of the car at the end of the day only to hear folk from Croydon team calling out a short time later "hey we have a wandering Bungee over here"...he'd snuck out the ajar front car door and made a beeline for new scrounging territory.

Thanks to Tiarne for box loading and Deb and Jo from Croydon for their help throughout the day. It's lovely to have such support from another Club and to offer it as well with us all helping out when Croydon's 2 teams were against each other.

It was a very hot afternoon and teams had progressively thinned out as singles, pairs and .000 racing continued until there was hardly anyone left for presentation. Good call from Berwick just to delver prizes to the remaining teams and not worry with formalities.

Next Flyball stop is our Ringwood Highland Games in 4 weeks! 😄

A very special welcome to our newest Eastside Flyers member...
Maree Elizabeth Wiede, born 24/2/17, weighing 3.3kg. 
Congratulations Ursula, Florian and little Thomas. 

Korumburra Flyball Comp - Saturday 11th February

Great weather for Flyball racing, yay. We set up our canopy and gear, sharing space with Croydon, then 3 of us headed to the nearby lone porta-loo so we'd be all ready to race...its door was locked and a young event staff bloke was carefully scrutinising the angle of the loo saying it had fallen over a few times earlier in the morning...the loo queue quickly diminished with some bad mental images as we played it safe and headed instead to the toilet block a few minutes walk away.

Our 4 dog team consisted of Jade running Maddi, Pam and Gracie, Ally and Finn, Di with Mickey, and Anne (team captain) doing warm ups with Andy. Tiarne box loaded for us and Croydon (no wonder she looked worn out by the end of the day), Deb ball shagged and kept an eye on Maddi to make sure she didn't run over to the other lane (thankfully she only thought about it once), and Jolien helped out holding dogs for recalls.

Jade was great in her first ever comp after having had only one training session running Maddi, and never having started before. She very quickly got the hang of things, even getting a .006 and later a .003 start. Thanks Jade - you were awesome.

At one stage Finn got worried about something at the side of the ring...a banner maybe? Ally spent some time with him over there between races to let him check it out and was supported by two old grannies who along with their walking frames spent the whole day watching the Flyball (Waldorf and Statler hecklers from the Muppets maybe?). Finn lost a little confidence and began stealing the ball from the box, though he did put his paw up to trigger the box after he'd taken the ball. He finished the day with a perfect race...think he's playing with our minds.

Mickey was so keen he was sometimes quicker than the box but he chased down that elusive ball every time. Apart from the wrestle to get Gracie through the lingering dogs and conversing owners between our canopy and the ring entry she ran really well except for two wide fumbles at the box and coming up the side of jumps. Andy did some great runs in warm up, enjoying being revved up by the other dogs, but not yet consistent...still sometimes thinks it's quicker to skip the jumps to get back to mum.

Classic look of horror for the day was from Ally running up to the start line with Finn but suddenly realising he's not there...turns around to see he's 15 feet back sniffing at the ground...priceless.

We had lots of clean runs but the other teams were just a bit faster than us so we came 5th in 3rd division with a best time of 22.913 seconds.

Ivy enjoyed being cute and playing catch the treat or ball with Anne and Di, with Bungee on the sidelines very keen to play too, at least for the treats. 

We shared a lovely feast of food for lunch with the Croydon crew; nice to join canopies with them for the day. Jade had also cooked up some awesome Eastside Flyball cupcakes (even maroon, blue and yellow on the inside) and Di's mini quiche cakes were scrumptious (can we have the recipe Di?).

It was a nice early 3.15pm end to a great comp which allowed for a timely journey home 😄

Bass Coast Agricutual Show - Wonthaggi
Saturday 14th January 2017

Coolish, cloudy, with a couple of heavy showers, off with the coats when the sun came out, back on with the next cold wind.

Ross ran Maddi really well with great starts.  Pam held Gracie a few feet in front so that Maddi kept one eye on the box and the other on Gracie who was poised giving her the border collie death stare. One couple said they thought Gracie was going to eat Maddi but I said nah, it was just her mum. At least that kept Maddi looking at us and not showing interest in chasing the other teams start dog.

Finn ran great except for one heat when Ally forgot everything she knew about Flyball (her words 😄) and started Finn on the left side of the lane right into Gracie coming back and not sure where to run. Finn got Ally sorted and back on track for the rest of the day. He also enjoyed playing tug with a rabbit skin toy...hmm we have a new motivator we thinks, he was coming back much faster to grab it.

Mickey had a greyhound from one team cross over and try to chase him back over the jumps, he dropped his ball but headed off back to Di without hassle. Mickey also showed attitude in his races, looking across to check he was in front of the other team's dog. Little Ivy came along to inspire love and cuddles as usual.

Bronte offered her cheerful support all day, enjoying the dogs barking and all the action around her...she was so well behaved!  Ally's sister Isobel came along for the day too and was awesome in her "best auntie" role...it was lovely to have you share the day (and the baby minding) with us Isobel.

Anne did an awesome job box loading and being team captain. Shah came along in case we needed a back up dog. Although she wasn't needed to race she enjoyed a special outing with Anne.

 Tiarne, Deb and Joelene from Croydon helped us out each race with ball shagging, "centre line duty" for Maddi, holding dogs and changing jump heights. Thanks guys! 

A great team effort for our little team today 😄😄

Eastside Christmas/New Year Party 7th January 2017

Thanks to Mark and Mandy for a wonderful arvo/evening for our Eastside Flyers Christmas/New Year party. We absolutely loved your new home...and cooling off in your pool on such a hot day, with special seal of approval from Thomas and Bronte. Thanks everyone for a fun relaxing get together 😄