Uniform Concert & Symphonic Band

7th & 8th grade students will wear sweater vests for the concerts provided by the school. The sweater vest will be issued before the first performance and returned at the end of the school year. It is the family’s responsibility to wash and maintain the sweater while at home. The vests are machine washable in cold water and air-dry the sweater please. If a sweater is lost a damaged, the student must purchase a replacement. See the director for exact cost.


Uniformity is essential in our performing ensemble. It adds professionalism and dignity to our group. Remember, the purpose of a uniform is to look (as an ensemble) just that uniform. The dress code for performances will be strictly enforced. Please call Mrs. Kilgore if you have any questions or if you are unable to provide the necessary items for the uniform.

Listed below is the part of the uniform to be provided by the parents:

7th & 8th Grade Men & Women


White, long sleeve, men’s dress shirt with a collar


All black neck tie


Solid black dress pants - no jeans


Black or dark socks


Black or dark dress shoes – no tennis shoes


            Students are to limit jewelry to small stud earrings, necklace tucked under shirt, and light colors of nail polish if they choose to wear these items while in uniform. Students hair is to be groomed neatly – no large bows etc.


Rockford Bands take great pride in their sharp uniform appearance and heavily stress this with all of our ensembles.