Solo & Ensemble Information/Forms

Solo & Ensemble is a unique musical experience for individuals and small groups. 7th grade students may participate in ONE event and 8th grade students may participate in TWO events (ensembles must be approved by Mrs. Kilgore). All music preparation for this festival will happen outside of regular band class. The students will perform their piece for a judge on December 5. The judge will give comments on the performance and grade the performance in the following areas: tone, intonation, rhythm, technique, and interpretation.  They will receive letter grades in those areas A - E. All the grades are combined together to form a rating I - V, with I being the best. Students that receive an I or an II receive medals for their outstanding performance.

Students that are taking private lessons will work on their music with their private teacher. The private teacher will help the student select their music. Lesson students will need to play for Ms. Kilgore at least one time before November 23rd. Students that do not take private lessons will work with Ms. Kilgore on their music for festival after-school or connect time at least 2 times before November 6 and one time after November 6. Students may sign up for more help if they wish. Ms. Kilgore will assist students in the selection of music.

Ensemble groups will be formed with members of like instrument groups, brass with brass etc. When choosing members of your ensemble you need to remember if one person in your group does not practice or misses a help session it affects the whole group. You must have all members of your ensemble at festival in order to qualify for a medal.

Students that do not meet with Ms. Kilgore 2 times before November 6, may not be allowed to participate in the festival and not refunded their money.

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to the festival site on December 5. The festival will be held at WAYLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL .

This is a great learning experience for students. I encourage each of you to participate.  It has been proven that students that participate in these festivals develop skills faster and succeed in regular band class.

** After school practice time is important to the progress of each student and ensemble. Please remember that practice at home is VITAL to the students’ success at festival. Students should be practicing their solo & ensemble music at home EVERY night for no less than 30 minutes. Practicing only with Ms. Kilgore is not enough. Ms. Kilgore will listen to each solo & ensemble event the week of Nov 30 and may suggest to play for comments only if enough practice time was not put forth.**

Event Type

Cost per person

Solo *

$ 15.00


$ 10.00


$ 10.00


$ 10.00


$ 10.00

* Each solo is REQUIRED to have piano accompaniment. It is your responsibility to set up rehearsals, contact and pay for an accompanist. Mrs. Peggy Odren is a local piano teacher and is a FABULOUS accompanist. Her number is 866-2451. She charges approx. $30.00 total for a couple of practices at her house and the performance. This is a GREAT DEAL!!!! Make sure you call her by Oct. 12 to set up practice times!

2015 Solo & Ensemble Mini Lessons

These mini lessons are necessary for your success at Solo & Ensemble.

Each mini lesson is 15 minutes per week in the Middle School Band room. Please be prompt to your time, have your instrument out and be warmed up at the start of your time. The times will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the band room. With many students able to participate and need scheduled time please schedule your time soon. Mini lessons will start on Monday October 5. If a student misses more than 2 scheduled mini lessons than they will be not as prepared for solo and ensemble, and possibly unable to participate in solo and ensemble.

Below is listed the days and times Ms. Kilgore is available to help students after-school. More time may be added to accommodate more students. There are no mini lessons available before school or at lunch, as that is not enough time to work on the music.

Monday                         2:45 – 3:30 pm

Tuesday                         2:45 – 5:00 pm

Wednesday                    4:15 – 6:00 pm (possibly early too)

CONNECT time may also be used on Tuesday and Thursdays – 2 groups or solos per day.

 Fall Athletes – on days you have practice your coaches in the past have let you be late to practice so you can practice for Solo & Ensemble. On GAME or MEET days, you need to be on time to your sport.

If these times don’t work for you see Ms. Kilgore ASAP.

Rebecca Kilgore,
Sep 4, 2015, 11:26 AM