Contact the Team:

Village Hall meeting are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm in the meeting room.

Chairman: Janet Trezise

Janet has recently become the Chair of Eastrington Village Hall Association. Janet spent many years as a Primary school Teacher and is part of the Eastrington Players group.

Mobile: 07724570538

Treasurer: Caroline Scargill
Caroline works for Unilever as a Category Analyst, but looks after the website and finances.

Tel: 01430 410422
Mobile: 07919624218

Booking Clerk: Jean Mitchell

Jean is our booking clerk and party organiser. Weddings are her speciality and Jean has lots of contacts with decorators, cake makers and can organise the dressing of the hall for your big day.

Tel: 07852613677

Hall Manager: Stuart Binnington 
Stuart deals with opening and closing the Hall, keeping it clean and in good condition. 
General day to day enquiries should be directed to Stuart.

Mobile:  07754601630