Nature at East Point Lighthouse

Horseshoe Crabs Mating 

Usually hits its peak on the night of the full moon nearest to June 1.

 Monarch Butterflies at East Point Lighthouse

Monarch Butterflies often fly along the Delaware Bay shore looking for an easy place to cross on their Autumnal trip south to Mexico.  Sometimes they will spend the night in the trees at East Point Light, usually preferring the cedars.  This can be a spectacular thing to see if you are there at the right time. It is very difficult to predict when this might happen, depending on wind direction and velocity, temperature, storm paths and any number of imponderable factors. Usually their maximum numbers will be in September or October, but it's very difficult to know. If you happen to be there when there is a major display, please send pictures.    

 The picture above was shot on October 4, 2006 on the beach directly south of the lighthouse.

 Sometimes the peak doesn't happen until November. The picture below was shot on November 7, 2007.  
                                                                Both pictures copyright 2010 Dave Ewan.